The Suspense Is Killing Me

Hi, do we have any idea when the next version on Roon is coming or what it will include?

Dying for a mobile solution here and would love an update on how’s things are going. Even if that’s explaining a challenge they are still working on.


@Paul_Whittaker Surely it’ll include a McGuffin!


It’ll have folder browsing, sortable search results, portrait option on Android tablets, better use of screen real estate in any orientation, scrolling album/artist/track titles when they don’t fit on the screen, drag and drop for reordering tracks when editing albums manually, automatic jump to current song playing…oh and better metadata maybe :slight_smile: :slight_smile:



You Missed Classical Box set improvements for a Full House :sunglasses:


Whats that?

You forgot a radio timer and one (or even two) click deleting of streaming titles from the library.

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:grinning:…oh don’t even get me started on DJ music…!!:smiley:.

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Just having fun. :wink: Click on the link in my post and you’ll see.

I don’t know about you but the 17th of June sounds like a good date. So let’s see.

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What makes you say that?

AirPlay 2 support! :crossed_fingers:t4:


I’d be surprised to see something big and splashy like mobile just yet. I suppose you could toss in a few amenities like improved search functions.

But it seems Roon would benefit most people by improving some of the guts of the system that leave raw edges. For example, connectivity issues are common in the Support area, so are there things that could be done to improve this? Rather than overhauled tools to ease a lot of metadata editing, wouldn’t it be better to reduce the need for metadata editing by improving matches? Roon might be of a size where picking up MusicBrainz and using another database along with more sophisticated matching algorithms could lessen the burden of mismatches.
On another thread Danny mentioned a lot of Roon is pretty old and needs to be rewritten. That takes time and isn’t really sexy, but everyone benefits from it.

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1.7 will be out on 2019-10-06 (*)

Now I can’t answer that because of the

AND following the Boo(ooh! :ghost: )lean stuff discussed elsewhere in the forum.


(*) Well, maybe. :grinning:

I guess it depends on what “mobile” means, but it seems like Roon was surprised with how much of a strain on their network the Qobuz integration, search enhancements, and increased subscriber base represented, and they’ve been scrambling just to add capacity and keep things from slowing to a crawl.

So that indicates to me they have a fair amount of back end work to do - simply more capacity or streamlining what they have- before adding anything else that would add strain.

Not that I really have any idea.

A mobile solution which relies on streaming through Roon Labs’ servers would be weird.

I have a hard time seeing mobile working at all especially if not using something cloud based.
My IP address is dynamic which means it changes many times a day. Think most users do not have a static IP address.
And then there is security.

Plex manage it somehow


And very bandwidth intensive. But that doesn’t mean that at least signalling and metadata wouldn’t potentially go through Roon’s network in a mobile scenario. I really have no idea, other than my thought was that the latest few releases combined with Roon’s growing install base appears to have put Roon’s system under a lot of pressure and they’ve mentioned all their work to address that. i should think they would need something even more robust if it’s going to support mobile.

Yes but doesn’t Plex, at the user’s home location, transcode down to something more bandwidth manageable? It would be interesting to see if Roon would live with that given the focus on lossless media.

It seems like major releases happen just before Christmas or shortly into the new year lately.

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You can stream full source files with Plex if your upload speed allows it.

I would be happy with a local download and tidal solution that syncs plays to core when it connects again.