The sync bad is it?

So I’m wondering if the Bluesound drift issue is a deal breaker for me. (Bluesound in a Zone with other Roon devices)

If I have a Flex, down a hallway, in a kitchen, am I going to notice the out of sync…I mean is it a few milliseconds, a second, 5 seconds?


Unfortunately, it appears to be environmentally dependant - not everyone seems to experience it and, amongst those of us who do, it’s not necessarily across all devices.

In my case the difference is at least a second between the Node 2 and other devices and therefore very noticeable. However, I am generally able to keep a single Flex and RPi in sync with the Flex as clock master and both devices connected to same WiFi AP. I suspect you won’t know for certain without trying.

Damn that’s annoying…Think I might get a SB Touch or RPi and a nice self powered loudspeaker then!

if two devices are drifting it’s very noticable and unlistenable, but indeed not everybody seems to be affected.

It’s unusable. Just cancelled my sub due to their inability or unwillingness to fix this issue; at least provide a beta patch to those affected.

Depends on the personal use case. I mainly listen music in multi-room mode (Kitchen + Living room + Bedroom) so good sync is important to me. Bluesound Flex and Node 2 would not stay in sync and so I could not use them as desired. I waited to see what Bluesound will do to fix the issue but in the end I decided to exit. Sold my Bluesound units and migrated to Allo streamers. Very happy with that.

If roon based multiroom sync is not important then Bluesound is totally fine.

I think I may be heading down a similar path of replacing my Node 2 with a Digione for the same reason. There just isn’t any evidence that Bluesound plans to address this, other than seemingly empty words. With Roon now able to offer the first MQA unfold, there’s one reason less for keeping it on.

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I’m setting up a new Node 2i this week.
My Core is on a Mac Mini.
Before this week, my Peachtree Nova was connected directly to Core. When I grouped the Core/Nova with a Pulse Flex, I never experienced Sync issues. This week I’ve set up the Node with the Nova as a separate endpoint. Now, when I try to sync the Node and the Pulse Flex, I get bad drifting out of sync.

At first, when I set up the Node in Roon, it worked fine. Then I started monkeying around in the Bluesound app (which I never used much before). That seems to have woken up some gremlins, but I don’t know just what I did. Maybe it started after I gave the Node a new device name. Hmm. There’s a lot to love about the Node, but it has introduced a layer of complexity into my system.

I had my first sync issue today but it wasn’t Bluesound. I have a Meridian 218 which I sync to a Bluesound Pulse Mini via a Meridian MS2oo and optical to the Pulse.
The sync issue was caused by a saturated Ram on my QNAP server. The Pulse Mini was synced to a Pulse Flex wireless upstairs in BluOS, and this was perfect.

Ok, a little complicated but it works fine using the kit I own.