The Ultimate Roon-Based Whole Home Audio System?

Hello all. I used to own a residential A/V integration firm, Casa Integration. I am now retired, but I have built out a nice Roon system in my own home. For fun, I have designed what I would deem the “ultimate” Roon-based music system for a home. While, to date, I have only built the Roon Core and Roon Endpoints as zones for my own place, everything on this exists and could be done immediately. Enjoy!


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I don’t get what you are showing?

Central server, hard wire Ethernet, and….?

Huh? I’m a big believer in whole-house-audio but did not learn very much. Please explain beyond “Dean does diagrams”.

You seem like a very nice person.

Just showing what could be built with an Intel NUC and RPi/HiFi Berry endpoints. I put systems like this in for years, using Sonos. Roon is superior, but integrating a turntable and streaming from Bluetooth devices is not integrated.

Of course you could have just ignored it. Have a great 2022.

I would wager there’s a good number of us doing something similar already.

I personally deployed Sonore micro/ultra/opticalRendu’s all wired with backhaul via fiber throughout our house and buildings for a total of five (soon to be six) endpoints. I didn’t see the point of Bluetooth, so I skipped that.

What I would really like is to be able to control the entire system via Control4, but for that I need a Nucleus. I am avoiding that until I purchase a few other toys like a PowerPlant 20.

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