The ultimate Roon Remote (or: why I bought a Surface 3 – and l̶i̶k̶e̶d̶ sold it)

(Mike O'Neill) #23

Spurred by this I tried my wife’s Sony laptop . It’s a bit like the surface with a detached keyboard.

Wow how much you can fit on a screen. Methinks she may have lost it

I have been Windows all along and a .NET dev as well so I am quite happy with Win 10


(Rob OK) #24

Is this possible in iOS? This is very annoying aspect of Roon remotes. I’d love to not have that so much.


Initially I thought this was the fault of Roon. I hate Windows for the same reasons, but this is indeed — apparently — a disturbing feature of iOS!

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(Rob OK) #26

I think the only option would be for them to make Roon multitasking-capable where Roon could open in Side View. It could be just a small album cover, the queue, and volume/zone controls. That would be iPad only feature but I suspect that is a high percentage of tablet remotes.

Edit: this gives an idea but screens would be reversed.


Interesting thoughts!

(Rob OK) #28

Here’s a better screen shot, Sonos is the only music app that supports it (only tried Tidal and Spotify). Sonos on left half, Safari on right

Here is a link on multitasking, to be honest I don’t use it much and had to look up how!

iPad OS: Split View and slide over
Apple iOS improvements

But this split sceen functionality would stop the need to constantly reconnect?

(Rob OK) #30

I *think so yes, the app is still running.

I think on some smaller iPads the side view uses an iPhone view, on bigger iPads you get two iPad views side by side.


It’s an annoying feature of Android as well and considering the constant can’t reconnect bug with android remotes even more annoying .

(rick stehno) #32

A surface 3 is so much more clumsy than an iPad Pro. What you showed us is no different than an iPad remote.
I use a dedicated Mac mini as my roon server/minimserver/os x server, works great for roon in my dedicated audio room and the same server workes great to run Auralic ds Lightning remote for the Aries mini streamer that I use in other parts of the house.

Running Linux on a Mac is much simpler than running it on a windows box. The Mac already comes with terminal that,allows you to ssh into a Linux server. You could buy parallels or VMWare for the Mac, which I have done for many many years, but for the last 5 or more years, all you need is virtual box which is free and you can load any Linux distribution or windows version you would like.

(Rene Bouwmeester) #33

Show me a ~10" iPad that

  • Runs Roon in portrait mode
  • Does not put backgrounded applications to sleep
  • Is able to run Roon Core

The Linux spielerei is just icing on the cake. I know what a Mac can do in that department (Macs have been my weapon of choice for the last 20 years), but what we’re talking about here is a great tablet remote – with interesting benefits.

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(Chris ) #34

I don’t get ‘Portrait Mode’ at all. It would be uncomfortable on the iPad Pro as the case sits well in Landscape. I just don’t have a desire to use portrait. Not sure what I am missing here.
But if you want to use it an IPad Pro May not be for you. It just doesn’t feel right.

(Geoff Coupe) #35

It’s down to personal preference: portrait vs landscape. I note that on my ThinkPad 10, the album browser displays 30 albums in portrait mode vs 24 albums in landscape…

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(Rein Dekker) #36

Please tell us where to pick up a Surface 3 4GB for this price.

(Wim) #37

At the marketplace of course :slight_smile:

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(rick stehno) #38

I use a 12” iPad Pro, haven’t tried roon on 1 of my smaller iPads.
So if you are using roon core on your surface, i’m Assuming you are using a usb or digital cable to hook up the surface to an output device like a dac. Also, what storage are you using for your ripped music? How are you backing up this surface with storage?

(Mark) #39

It’s where you turn your tablet through 90 degrees, with the short edge at the top.

No need to thank me.

(Rene Bouwmeester) #40

I believe I answered all this in the original review, but here you go:

  • A 12" tablet in portrait mode is too rich for my blood (and measure 2.02 m. vertically)
  • 9,7/10,5" iPads only run Roon in landscape (for now)
  • When running Core, the Surface is my home away from home for Roon: music on SD-card, Exporer 2 DAC via USB.
  • As this is basically a subset of my regular Core when travelling, no backups are needed (though it could be arranged easily if the need arises)

Basic gist is that for me it is that the Surface is best remote for Roon I’ve handled so far for the reasons stated above – and that it offers a few neat extra tricks that it really should not be capable of. After all, it is what it is: a 3 years old tablet running Windows, sporting a weak Atom CPU and slow eMMC storage.

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(Chris ) #41

Lol, I get that. It just doesn’t appeal. I’ll thank you anyway lol

(Bertrand MICHELS) #42

Thanks for your review. I also appreciate to be able to use Roon Core when I am away from Wifi and a network.

So I will consider this surface option, But… why not using a Surface PRO that has more processing power and, more important, has a 1 Tb version, so that almost all my music library can be stored inside ?