The Very Best of Ennio Morricone SACD unrecognized

As above; entries in there under “Edit” are missing tracks (the SACD is missing a track, not the metadata - that has an extra track).

Hi David,

What year and how many tracks are on that SACD? Which song is missing on the SACD compared to the metadata?

Cheers, Greg

Hey, Greg.

It’s a 2015 release, Universal Music, numbered. It has 19 tracks. The tracks are the same as tracks 2-20 of the “matched” one. Track 1 isn’t on the SACD I have. (So the first track is For A Few Dollars More rather than the Fistful of Dollars theme.)

The recording itself says it’s Copyright 2000 by Virgin Records.

Hi David,

It looks as though that versions metadata isn’t available. I checked Allmusic and couldn’t find it.

What does your Identified version look like displayed? Can you post a screenshot? Is a Fistful of Dollars showing, even though it’s not in the version you have?

If the tracks are wrong, you could go an Identify it again, select the same “matched” album and move the tracks around to match yours. The metadata won’t be exact for your version, but it should be close.

Cheers, Greg

Maybe a track got missed in the rip ? Seems odd that “Fistful” wouldn’t be on a best of.

If you have the disc can you double check ?

Yeah, I know. But it’s not messed up. I do, of course, have the disc, which I bought from here:

You can see the track listing there, too.