The way Microsoft are going with Windows

The way Microsoft are going with Windows, there will be more moving to Linux.
An operating system with ads in the start menu , no thanks.


I never knew that. I have used Linux for over 25 years, not excusively, I have a Chromebook too, but I have not used Windows at home since Win2000 I don’t think. I had a Mac somewhere around 2008 I think, I ended up giving it to my son & going back to Linux.

From Google:

Microsoft has been testing ads in beta releases, and this week the update that places advertising in the Windows 11 Start menu began rolling out to regular users . According to Microsoft, the Start menu ads will be comprised of Microsoft Store apps chosen from a “small set of curated developers.”


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Fact or conjecture? Free does not mean gratis, it means with little or no restriction. Linux users aren’t in it for a free ride, it’s a choice, and a great way to use a modern OS. There’s plenty of software on Linux that requires a subscription or licence fee, and I use some … I’d argue that there are many Windows and macOS users who choose to use free(ware) software.

I bought a Windows 10 licence last year solely to run Roon. Hated the fact that Microsoft was pushing all sorts of useless information to the desktop. Hated the experience, and hated the performance. It’s gone for good now.

My son switched from Windows to Zorin OS* last year, and hasn’t looked back (no encouragement from me.)

*BTW, he paid for the Pro version.


Haha the ones that pay them the most I bet.
Win 11 isn’t even free software, I just checked as I didn’t know, why would anyone pay for that?

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What useless info?

I have been Windows since 3.1 in almost all incarnations even Millennium, if you configure properly the adverting load is nil

You will get ads thrown at you via Chrome , Edge etc but a decent AdBlocker quells that. Any browser does that not just Microsoft

I am never aware of overt advertising, even the Start Menu ads are configurable , I believe.

Happy Windows camper , that said I am Microsoft certified so I am a bit biased maybe. I am still Windows 10 until I upgrade my hardware.

PS Roon runs great on Windows :smiling_imp:


The defaults tiles in the Start menu – biased news sources, foreign sources etc. — and extras in the system tray. It wasn’t straightforward removing everything, and as soon as one tile was vacated another was added.

I use Open Shell on Windows. That sorts the start menu out and removes the unwanted bloat.

I don’t see any of that, the start menu does contain apps that are part of the install (mostly odd games) but they are buried in the all apps list , not visible on the Desktop or the Tiled Start Menu when I see them I uninstall them.

I keep my desktop pretty empty and simply pin my routine apps to the Task Bar . All looks clean to me maybe 4-5 icons that I use a lot.

The unwanted news stories you can config out, I use Chrome and my default Home page is and I can then config out stuff I don’t one. Open Chrome I just see the Google text box

I do have Ad Blocker Pro working , maybe that’s why it’s clean.

If I was getting unsolicited ads I too would be p**d off

Mike are you running Enterprise or LTSC by any chance as I do not think they gets the adds.

Standard Windows, both home and Pro have had recommended apps (adverts) for a while and this is being expanded in the latest edition. They can be turned off but it is hidden and deliberately named not to make you realize what it does.

It’s a bit like the default browser settings to make you safe and secure, really enabling all tracking information and defaults it from Google to Microsoft :thinking:

Long term Microsoft reporter Paul Thurrott has written many articles on these action, lambasting Microsoft for the difference between their words and actions, but it only seems to be getting worse.

I currently use 3x Windows 11 Pro machines and have used Start 10 and Start 11 for several years to give me more control over my desktop environment, but I have found myself using my Mac and Linux devices more and more.

Windows Pro can be setup just like Enterprise. Home, not so much.


Home is free and I think that is the real target here.

But I read complaints from businesses that the tools to manage this lag behind what is being pushed out or don’t work unless you are on the latest Windows server version and to allow games to be installed or advertised on work machines is shocking especially when any user can do it.

I know that much of this can removed via shell scripts which is what my old company did, but it is an arms race that is almost impossible to keep up with at a corporate level, when Microsoft can make AB changes at any time that only impact 10% of the users and do not document the changes or even run them through the beta and testing channels.
As someone that brought WindowsNT into a couple of businesses I personally feel that Microsoft has lost the plot on Windows development and I am not sure how long I will continue to personally buy more machines running Windows. For business it is a different story as most are completely locked into the Windows ecosystem

I would not recommend Home in any situation for anything. That is a piece that cannot be controlled. It is a Internet Device OS.



Funnily enough it’s Home , I last bought a license with a laptop running 7 just before 8 came out, it’s been free updates since then.

I came unstuck with hardware compatibility for 11, so I’m still on 10 until I upgraded hardware probably when 10 goes out of support.

Maybe I’m lucky, I don’t remember doing anything tricky to sanitise Windows, maybe I did without realising. I am also “sensitive “ to unwanted ads.

I am MCSD so I was pretty well stuck on Microsoft, Visual Studio, SQL Server etc.after I retired I didn’t see any need to change. These days I use a PC for JRiver and Plex plus email etc

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Not even as a headless Roon server? Without UI, you don’t see any ads.

Guess what I used Windows 10 Home as my Roon server for 5 yrs until I decided a NUC/ROCK would be a good idea.

I ran it with all my dev software on board and SQL Server running in the background, never a blip, just a bog standard cheapo i7 desktop, i7-7700 16 gb RAM

why does windows get such a bad press ?


Same here, I haven’t had any issues with Windows. I guess it’s a matter of culture.

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It’s not that difficult, Microsoft themselves even provide all info on how to prevent any ads in there (at least for now; of course they might change it in the future). If anything, it is significantly easier than configuring Linux to do anything useful for an average home user.

Indeed. Ever since they’ve started pushing Windows 8 and Windows Phone (thankfully, dead and buried) they started forgetting what actually made them successful in the first place.

Windows 11 Home edition is not the same as 10 or earlier versions.

Constantly breaking any tweaks or mods on the end users end. It is going to get worse once they finally force a Microsoft Account on the user instead of a local profile. Home Edition will be the first to roll this out. Local account at first will still be available after the Microsoft Account is activated, but it is anyone’s guess for how long.


That’s not my experience, and your comment suggests you haven’t run a Linux desktop for some time. You can have a fully functional Linux system with productivity tools etc. in less than 20 minutes. You’d be lucky to install Windows plus the same apps within an hour.

I’ve used Windows for over thirty years, most recently in a corporate situation, and it’s essentially the same product from a users’ perspective (apart from change for changes sake.) As far as I’m concerned, things went down hill after XP. For me, Windows 10 was an awful usability experience.

However, I’m not knocking people choosing Windows. It’s not for me, and I’m far more productive using Linux with the GNOME 40-something desktop. It’s modern and incredibly snappy.