The Wirecutter tests affordable stereo receivers

The Wirecutter has a recommendation for stereo receivers:

Impressive blind-test set-up, though a thoroughly down-market set of candidates. They added a NAD C 316BEE for contrast. “we wanted to hear if spending a lot more delivered a substantial improvement in sound quality.”

Takeaway: “While the receivers sounded slightly different from each other, our preference for one or another wasn’t consistent; it depended on who was listening and what music they were listening to. None of the listeners felt that any of the receivers—or the NAD integrated amp we added as a comparison standard—had a consistent advantage over the others.”


I take all of Wirecutters reviews with a generous portion of salt.

For an example, look at their review for the Best headphones.

Heck, look at their review for best men’s boxer-briefs! :rofl: