The wonders of Spotify Connect on RopeeeXL

I finally upgraded to XL and got myself a Spotify sub again. It is a wonderment!

Ropiee does what Roon lacks so much, gives us a way to stream Spotify Connect or Airplay to our Stereo to actually be able to use them. Being a classical guy, I get all my non-classical pleasures from Streaming services, Spotify simply has the best Playlists.

Roon does not understand why people would want a way to use Airplay or Connect within its software, well it is quite simple: to be able to listen to the many other music services on our home networks. RopieeeXL solves the problem for one endpoint, but sadly not the entire network - I really hope this will someday be possible. I really missed Spotify!

Thanks for the great work and I just wished the Roonpeople would not be so stubborn. Just give us the option, you yourself really never have to use it. I promise.


Same for Primephonic and Idagio, the only was is to cast via mobile device, ipad etc

Fortunately my Cambridge Audio CXN has airplay and my hearing is a bit iify

You are complaining at the wrong people about Spotify.

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Not a complaint- a thanks to what can be achieved with XL and a plea to the powers that could make this happen for our entire home networks.

What hardware are you running it on? What output are you using and into what? I’ve got an old Pi B+ that unfortunately is too old to run XL.

I’ll buy something new if it’s got I2S LVDS output. Would like to have decent sounding Spotify Connect into main rig.

I have a Pi 2 with a DigiOne Soundcard and it works great with RoopieeeXl, give it a try. It works fast and perfectly with Spotify

Do you know of any HATs that have I2S output? I see some that are ‘coming’ and some talk in forums that there is a market but they simply don’t appear to be available.

sorry no idea

I just installed a new ropieee end point but didn’t go with the xl version. Before I switch over to XL, is this something that ios devices will see as an airplay option (or other)?

As far as I know that requires XL - Spotify, airplay, upnp

Thanks, I upgraded to XL and Spotify shows up as a choice within the spotify app. Works great.

Oddly for me I can only play Spotify on Ropiee XL via AirPlay, it doesn’t show up as a connect endpoint for some reason.

Scratch that, changing the output from auto to USB fixed it for me.

OMG RopieeeXL is wonderful. I just got mine going in the last hour.

RaspberyPi 4
USB Meridian Explorer MAQ DAC
Unison Research Unico Unico SE parts conneXion Level 2 modified
ProAc Studio 140

Spotify has never sounded so good, and Roon with my collection, all controlled by my phone. Its nirvana.

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