Theme Generator, Mark II

Thanks a lot thumbs-up

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Thanks for this @David_Nightingale its great. I have created a few themes but for now at least this is me, and I’m very happy…

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You’re welcome - glad you’ve found it useful :slight_smile:

I have as well. Pretty easy to do and I used the Google sheet, well done.

It’s odd that there is a “name” file that Roon seems to ignore. Hopefully plumbing for a future release.

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The name file has been there for at least the last few versions, but Roon only recognises ‘Light’ or ‘Dark’ - anything else shows up as ‘Unknown’ - so it’s not much use at the moment. It’s clearly reading the data in the file, but what gets written into settings screen isn’t a direct copy. As you say, hopefully Roon will alter this given the recent interest in creating alternate themes.

@David_Nightingale - I made some modifications to your generator to make it work with Light or Dark themes. Let me know if it’s okay to post it or if you want, I can share my changes with you directly first. I am new to Roon/forum so I don’t think I can send a PM right now.


Please feel free to share it. I still haven’t had time to work on any dark themes with the generator so I think your version would be worth sharing.



Here’s my modification to the theme editor and I’ve made a couple darker themes with it so far without any problems. I’ve also tried making a light theme as well. I added a few more color editing boxes with more descriptions through a lot of trial and error.

Let me know how it goes.


I removed the macro for copy/pasting because it wasnt work right.

The new version of Roon crashes if one uses a theme other than the stock themes. Help!!!

Louis Fischer

Yes, it also crashes for me if I use a theme for the theme generator.
But the think hate most are the purple buttons and links. To make them blue instead of purple, I just changed these lines, and that didn’t cause a crash:
atom-genre-mapping #6ba2d9

atom-blue #6ba2d9
atom-blue-hover #6badd9
atom-blue-pressed #6badd9
atom-blue-insensitive #3C3C3F

atom-blue-mapping #3C3C3F
atom-onebox-blue #3C3C3F

It often crashes for me to, but if you try to open it a few times it seems to sort itself out. I suspect that aspects of the theme are cached, so when you change the theme it causes an error. A restart or two seems to fix the problem.

I have been trying to use one of your themes and one of my themes since the last update and Roon now just opens and crashes instantly all the time but if go back to the standard themes it does not crash.

I am not sure why it’s doing this after the latest update as all worked fine after the update last month, and when I have just had a glance over the theme files I cannot see that anything has changed in these files so not sure why it is not letting me use the custom themes at present.

Will try clearing the cache as a last resort for now if still not working will have to look to see if can spot something that has changed somewhere.

Mine crashes too. Got my fonts to stick, so must be color. The square artist shape file went all weird too.

Well after about 20 attempts to get roon to play ball it is finally working correctly again and now not crashing anymore, must have been a image cache thing I am guessing, though never cleared the cache??

EDIT: I spoke to soon and started to crash constantly again!! :rofl: :thinking:

I’ve been at work all day so haven’t had a chance to look yet. I’ll update now and see what I can do.

OK, fixed.

An extra line has been added to the colors file as follows:

atom-bluebg-noalpha-classical #EAEBEC

The above is line 69 in the new colors file.

I’ve updated the theme generator but you will need to grab a new copy of the file. Go back to the start of this thread if you need to go back through the instructions on how to do this.

And just to confirm:

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album-dimlayer #70%181818

Was added at the end too I think

@moderators is it possible to unlock my first post in this thread so I can edit it to reflect the changes that were made today?

Correct. I’ve just added that to the theme generator too.