Theme Generator, Mark II


22/2/2021 :white_check_mark: New themes added.
23/2/2021 :white_check_mark: Functions correctly with Roon version 1.8 (build 763) stable.
24/2/2021 :white_check_mark: Fixed a visual inconsistency with negative focus items.
25/2/2021 :white_check_mark: Functions correctly with Roon version 1.8 (build 764) stable.

I had a bit of spare time yesterday so thought I’d see what I could do to improve the theme generator I posted recently. There are three major changes.

First, you can now change the colours for classical albums (background, settings bar and footer). I wasn’t 100% sold on this when Roon included it, but it’s grown on me. Here’s what the relevant section of the spreadsheet now looks like.

If you’d rather not set them to different values simply match E3 to the same value as E5, F3 to F5 and G3 to G5.

Second, I’ve added an additional colour to each theme (cell B5) to set the hover value for the main play button on the album page.

Third, and this is the biggest change, I’ve included a set of themes that you can select by clicking on any of the palettes (see below). A click initiates a sequence of three steps.

  1. The relevant data for the selected theme is pasted into the spreadsheet.
  2. The spreadsheet updates to display the new colours.
  3. The data you need to copy into the ‘colors’ file is automatically selected (cells A5:A106).

So basically, if you want to use one of the supplied themes, you just need to click the one you want (make sure you click the image of each palette, not the name), authorise the script if asked, hit cmd-C or ctrl-C, then paste the data into the colors file.

If you’re interested, Sea Mist (and the Firebrick version), A Dash of Chilli, and the four Monochrome themes are based on my ideas, while the others were all created to match specific album covers. Of the new ones, I think Bud Powell in the 21st Century is my favourite.

Note You can still edit the main colour cells at the top of the sheet manually, as with the previous version, so stick with this workflow if you want to use the spreadsheet to generate your own themes.

Heres’s an overview:

And here’s the link:

Please Note
The spreadsheet is view only, so you’ll need to make yourself a copy before you can run any of the scripts. You can do this by selecting ‘Make a copy’ from the ‘FIle’ menu:

Caveats and Limitations (copied from the previous version)

  1. The theme generator was designed to create a light theme based on a background colour and two complementary accent colours, each split into three or four different tones. It will still work if you use eight completely different colours (11 if you include classical), or four, or however many, but don’t blame me if it looks rubbish when you’re finished. And, importantly, if you break anything in your Roon installation it’s on you.
  2. It appears that this spreadsheet doesn’t display the colours when opened in Excel. Stick with Google Sheets.
  3. I’ve added colour to all the elements I can find, but may have missed some. Let me know if you come across anything unexpected.
  4. When Roon post an app update it will override any changes you have made to your themes so back these up if you don’t want to lose them.

Excellent / impressive work… Thank you!


Thanks @DanielAvasilichioaei. This version hasn’t been tested all that widely yet so please let me know if you have any problems.

When I click on the various themes, nothing changes in the cells…
What am I doing wrong?

Try clicking on the graphic of the colours, rather than the cell or the theme name?

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@anon73739233 beat me to it. Click on the images of each palette rather than the names.

@danny2 I edited the instructions to make it a bit clearer. Did you get it working? If not, it may be that you haven’t created a local copy of the file. When you’re viewing the link I posted you can’t edit the file, so none of the scripts will run. You can make a local copy by selecting ‘Make a copy’ from the ‘File’ menu.

What about dark themes?

I posted a bunch at the start of this thread, so feel free to download and amend those ones. If I get a bit of spare time I might do a google sheet for dark themes too.

Yes I got those themes! I meant a dark theme generator, and see you might do it some time. Thanks!

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I’ve got a busy week coming up, so no promises, but I’ll see what I can do.

No rush on my end, I’m really digging your firebrick theme and will probably use that for quite a while.

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Thanks. Sorry I was so clueless. It seems obvious when you see the solution.

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I’ve just added a bunch of new themes to the theme generator and think that’s probably about it for now. 16 themes should be enough to be going on with :slight_smile:

You can grab the updated version here:

Full details on how to use it read the first post in this topic.


Thank you very much David. Now, I have the last version. Great, great job.

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Works like a champ! Thanks for putting the time in.

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Cheers for this finally got round to looking at the theme generator you have compiled and though not normally a fan of light themes gotta to say I really like the Time Out theme, so great work there :+1:.

I now have to try and make Squircles for the artist pics, though I keep crashing roon when I edit the file not sure why though, unless some kind person has already done this and is willing to share the file so I can just drop it straight into the roon directory, that would be epic and stop me getting annoyed with myself and roon for it crashing!! :joy::joy:


I’m not normally a fan of light themes either, which is the main reason I created the generator, so it’s good to hear I came up with something you like.

Hi David, I love your theme generator. Great work. However, I am a fan of dark themes. Can I hope that the generator will be able to create dark themes one day?

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I’m busy with work for the next three weeks or so, but hope to get a dark theme generator up and running during the Easter break. I’ll keep you posted.