There are new rules out there for the blog

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There are new rules out there for the blog and I expect especially ROON-employees to stick to these rules. This way I would like to flag YOUR message, DANNY as inappropriate:

It’s Inappropriate This topic contains content that a reasonable person would consider offensive, abusive, or a violation of our community guidelines:

It is not a support-problem, it is a problem that there are no appropriate error-messages for detecting the root-cause easily. If a program runs in a loop (skipping dozens of titles) and dozens of clients have the similar problem, the developers of ROON shall involve.

The community has a category for support as well as feature-requests but no category for reporting conjectural “bugs”. The discussions can be shortened if ROON tells clients in trouble: “Yes, we have understood the problem and we care for it in due time”. That’s all we want to hear! Please stop blaming Francois and others! May be you can introduce yourself on what is your role at ROON?

Oh, Danny, just figured out, that you are one of the FOUNDERS of ROON!
I really would have expected a more helpful and respectful approach to your clients!
Also the comments on HiResAudio: No idea on what it means, that “you have said everything”. Is this no or yes? Within the past months customers did not have an easy life and there are still many bugs in 1.8. where client feed back can help you if they are still respected by the founders of ROON.
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Seriously I don’t get this. The OP’s problem was solved (already by himself) and Roon staff gave an explanation that makes a lot of sense. One would think - case closed. But this is where some thread high jacking starts and spins out of control. Even getting a ‘bit’ aggressive. Not sure if this is solution oriented behavior. Neither it is civil or appropriate.

Bernd: Please have a look at the topic of skipping titles which goes on for many weeks or months now for dozens of clients in similar way and which is spread across many threads. No progress yet for getting this resolved! It’s necessary that there is some management-attention on this, not just support-attention.
This way you understand the situation better. Be happy if you do not have this problem.
Demonstrating ROON to friends and being not able to PLAY even, is no advertising for ROON at all, even network-issues also may contribute.

I am with you on that topic. But it simply isn’t what this thread is about. That’s the very definition of high jacking.

Also: I have different issues with Roon and I absolutely accept that others do have this skipping problem which needs to be addressed. But why poisoning the relation. Let’s stick to the rules. And keep things simple as possible. Don’t mix topics. Peace :slightly_smiling_face:

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Agree with you too, Bernd! But the current structure of the community-topics is inappropriate to report and handle ‘bug-like’ issues. Its waste of time and resources for all of us!
I have full understanding that after the release of a new software ROON’s staff is more busy than usual. But there shall be a certain service-level (which is communicated!) and recognition of customer problems and suggestions. I suggested to Enno also a monthly newsletter by the management in order to see the priorities and concerns of ROON.

Hello @Felix_P,

I’ve split out your off topic posts to it’s own topic and have unlisted it pending a reply from @danny.

Note it’s the consideration of the moderators that you are now “axe grinding” across multiple topics in the forum and it becoming disruptive. I’ve have already split out your complaint to No appropriate error-messages from Roon please confine that discussion to that that topic.

As for your comments on @danny’s post, the moderators have reviewed and consider them to be robust but not outside of the boards guidelines. It’s ok for people to have different views, and also quite right that Danny in his knowledgeable position as COO can dispute them.


Hi Carl!

It is somehow remarkable that “danny” turns out to be one of the founders. No further comment.

Among us: I wait for many weeks (like others) for resolving the skipping issue of titles. I nearly have given up my hope to get any reasonable support! I have formulated and described the issue many times. Beyond that there are further serious bugs, which one can report to the “moon”, but not to “ROON”.

I also requested a down-load option for the last release of 1.7 as I want to downgrade. Could you help me on this issue please?

Overall impression: ROON’s customer service is left alone by it’s management. I get tired of contributing to an organisation which is very reluctant in giving appropriate customerservice and communication with customers.

Well, one cannot say that this was hidden in any way. But about the responsiveness of customer service you may have a point.