There simply must be a better way manually match albums and tracks

I just spent the past 30 mins trying to manually match an album I have that was not recognized by Roon. Normally, the process is not too bad when its a single CD with about 10 tracks. However, in this case I was trying to match up a double cd with 38 tracks. For whatever reason, Roon would not recognize the disk # tag in the file so all 38 tracks were out of order. It took me over 30 mins of constantly clicking the little up and down arrows of each track to arrange them in the correct order. I have literally clicked my mouse more today than I do all week. Is there a better way to do this that am not aware of??? I sure hope so or manually matching albums is more trouble than its worth!

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Select the matching album then edit its settings and have Roon prefer your metadata.

But that’s the problem Roon would not recognize some of my metadata like disk #.

I’m suggesting that you select the closest matching album without trying to tie up tracks etc. then after it’s ‘identified’ make the changes to settings.

I’ve found that with box sets, it’s best to separate each set of CD tracks into its own subfolder under the Album folder, thus:


…and use this naming convention, i.e. “CDn”

I also ensure that each set of tracks in a subfolder also has the relevant disc # tag in the metadata. This seems to help Roon match things up in the majority of cases…

I also find the shuffling up and down essentially impossible to use. It feels too much like a IQ spatial geometry test.

I fix all my non-matched albums externally using a tag editor (mp3tag in my case). It is much faster than the in-app re-sequencing and also provides assurance that if I ever start a fresh install the match will come through automatically next time.

Ensuring that track number and disc number tags of the files match the Roon album is the key. I rely less on folder name.

If the folder is on an internal HDD or external USB then changes are picked up real-time. NAS folders likely to need to rescan.

I agree and also tend to fix things with a metadata editor (Metadatics). However, from a software engineering point of view simply allowing the entry of a new track and/or disc number and moving the tracks below would be a huge improvement. The arrow setup sucks.

Yep…I agree with that too. The edit screen has been through a few iterations in alpha over the last couple of years. We just haven’t hit the sweet spot yet.

Thanks guys! Glad to know I am not the only one! However, the real issue I that is causing me to have to use the Roon manual matching torture test is that my tags sometimes are not being properly read. To make matters worse it seems that the track matching algorithm needs to be improved. For example, last night I was trying to match up Billie Holiday’s Complete Verve album. I have each disc tagged correctly and also placed in their own separate folder. However, after I find an album match, Roon does not properly match some of the the tracks. It seems to me that Roon places a priority on song duration instead of song title, disc, and track # in the metadata. And yes I have tried cycling through the different versions of the albums. I eventually gave up. For me any album with more than 10 songs is simply not worth trying to manually identify with Roon. I hope this improves.

I’ve never encountered this, could you elaborate with an example or two?

Sure. In my library I have Billie Holidays’s “The Complete Billie Holiday on Verve”. Though it is not identified, Roon has properly listed the 10 individual discs in my library. When I go to manually identify this album I see 3 versions. The first version has 35 tracks that do not match according to Roon, the second version has 38 and the third version has 40. I select the first version.

Most of the mismatches is because of the differences in track length. However, here are some strange ones.

On disk 10, track #8 “Lady Sings the Blues” Roon matches up a track “Reading from God Bless the Child” from disk 8 (track #8). The correct version from disk 10 is orphaned at the bottom of the list in an extra row.

So you accept that as is then select edit and tell Roon to prefer your track numbers and titles and it’ll keep the album info but use your track numbers and titles.

Yup, I’m finding the up and down arrow system to be quite onerous, and would put improving the functionality as a priority. I just purchased the Erskine Trio/As It Was 3 CD box set as a download and as the rip came in, none of the tracks were tagged correctly in terms of track numbers. Pretty painful to match those up in Roon. I completely understand that I can add another application to the work flow and correct all the tags in it, then re-find the album in Roon. But that would be a work-around. Why not just make the re-tracking function in Roon work better?