Thin Lizzy - Black Rose incorrectly named 3 Black Rose

Seems’s changed the album’s title to 3 Black Rose: A Rock Legend whilst the album’s correct title is Black Rose: A Rock Legend. Rovi’s database must carry the same erroneous change as it’s pulled through to Roon. AMG link where it’s now incorrectly named:

That’s happened here to, would have to I suppose.

Hopefully when metadata editing comes we can zap these issues quite easily.


Yep, I just went and change the title to prefer meta data title.

Stupid me, this is what we can edit already!

Although many rate this very highly for me it’s not in the premier cannon of Lizzy albums, strange as it is many people’s favourite.


Actually, I quite agree. JAILBREAK, BAD REPUTATION ARE my TWO FAVS. Heck, I really like Renegade. My least favorite is Chinatown.

Just listening to Bad Reputation actually, as a result of this thread.

For me Lizzy top 5 albums would be ( in chronological order )

Johnny the Fox
Bad Reputation

I do think Alcock caught Lizzy better than Visconti did.

wrt to Chinatown, I love “killing of the buffalo” probably against my better judgement.

Nice there are so many Lizzy fans here from all over the globe.


Live and Dangerous is my favorite. To me there is an energy on that (esp the lp version) that is not quite there on the others.

I find it nigh on impossible to pick a favourite Thin Lizzy album because they’re all different and their early work is stylistically very different to their work from Jailbreak onwards (I guess Fighting was their transition album) and listening chronologically you can hear the band evolve. If I was really pushed I’d probably go with Bad Reputation as far as studio albums go.

Maybe we should split this thread and move the album discussion to Music. :smiley: