Thinking about canceling Roon and Tidal... can you help?


In case you weren’t aware, Roon will refund any complete un-used months of an annual sub if you decide to purchase a lifetime. This is a manual - send an email process and of course maybe withdrawn in the future.


im a bit lost at the moment, without Roon “on the go” yet to be developed/released.

Ive taken out an unlimited Dropbox sub and am adding ALL my 10k albums to the cloud, which is great but now i have all these albums on display on my phone with no real way to make sense of it. All players are woefully inadequate give the sizes of collections these days. Oh look there’s a huge list of albums/tracks/artists to scroll through… now go play.

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I have considered setting up a capture loop on my core, then shuffling some of the mood tags, and capturing at MP3 quality and having those be my mobile listening. Mix tapes made by Roon. I haven’t done it, and the repetition might get tiring, but you could have like 10 hour mix tapes that take up little room and fit on thumb drives or the mobile phone for the car, etc.

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Thanks @nick_riches!

@Sallah_48: See, that’s an interesting scenario. You could as suggested create playlists of shorter track length but the point is to continue the enjoyment and empowerment no matter where u r, right?


Yes right Hank. The idea is to have all my music on the go with no DNLA access issues and also a backup remote from home.

Playlists are an option of course, but they’re not very ergonomic, nor easy to compile “on the go”; and limited to tracks only of course.

1st world problems :slight_smile:

PS… My dream is for Roon to develop a mobile solution to encompass Dropbox (and other streaming services eg Google Drive/One or Onedrive, etc, and local-on-the-device music) to be able to enjoy the Roon experience on the go as well as at home.

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I’ve actually really enjoyed this thread, Very thoughtful discussion!

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That would be cool. With diskspace costing little and with 5G and networks getting greater bandwidth the constraints of mobile with terabytes of data are being eliminated. Especially for streaming uses. I mean-- anyone may have terabytes of data, but you can only play one track at a time (<100 MB at a time).

I guess the only critical other consideration is security. But if it were using DropBox or OneDrive or similar then most of that security is built in.

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You do not need to connect your DAC via USB with Audirvana, you can use UPnP.

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Roon team have said they want to move to the cloud and want a mobile solution so I don’t think you are far off in your theory. Now, as to timescale…


Right Ged and @Hank_Spraggins

Im paying around 60usd a month for unlimited Dropbox which is quite a lot BUT it’s solid, reliable, and… unlimited . I took the plunge as Ive invested so much in building up this collection so a few 100$ a year doesn’t seem so much in the big scheme of things…And prices are likely to tumble in the next years.

Not sure on timescale for getting a Roon solution going to read it, but maybe a couple of years away on that.

Im quite happy with the Cloud Player for Android app, which is nice and solid. Currently have around 8k albums listing on the app and it’s quick to navigate and not buggy (ie not crashing) on a couple of highend phones from LG and Samsung. On my Fiio Android DAP it’s not a good fit though, crashes a lot (much lower spec :frowning: )

Certainly this solution is questioning any need for Tidal or Qobuz my side, other than trying out albums. Thing is I’ve just got my wife a Fiio Android player for xmas and got her using my Qobuz account for downloading on there, so I can’t back out of Qobuz anyhow :slight_smile:

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Is that reliable and fully featured?

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I am using UPnP with different all-in-one-speakers in my ethernet-network (f.e. Kef LSX; Devialet Phantom) and with my Devialet Expert. With the last device I have to use Devialet AIR on the computer before using UPnP, but if other UPnP Dac´s it should be no further settings necessary.

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There are many debates in this community, Roon have stated the case for RAAT clearly and I am not technically qualified to comment

Before I used Roon (12 months) and since I have happily used upnp from another media server. I run both on my main PC with no issues

Indeed I need upnp for video and for audio on my soundbar and wi speakers

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Hi. Can I ask: why did you go with Dropbox vs Box, One Drive, Google Drive and other options? I’m asking to better understand Dropbox’s strengths if any


The ONLY app which I could find for my Android devices which is robust and aesthetic and ergonomic to use, with large numbers of online albums is Cloudplayer by Double Twist. It supports Dropbox, Onedrive and Google One/Drive.

Dropbox is the ONLY one of these three which offers unlimited storage as far as I can see, for any reasonable price (Onedrive is limited to 1tb per account with office 365 as i see it, and Google One just gets silly price wise as the numbers go up).

I have 2tb of Google One space, 1tb of Onedrive, and have experimented with these. I have also unlimited space with my Swisscom cellphone account (am in Switzerland), which is a bummer as if there was a player to access their storage I’d save a few quid there :slight_smile: - but Im happy with Dropbox so far… their service is good, reliable, and the interface to upload is great.

I would like to see more players and more services available for sure. I was keen to go for Box, as I think I will be waiting a lifetime for anyone to support the Swisscom proprietary storage, lol, but Cloudplayer doesn’t support them (yet) and there’s really no alternative on the market (yet) to Cloudplayer, on the Android front.

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Thanks @Sallah_48! Very helpful


Two point of view to add to this brilliant thread.

  1. If you want mobile buy a second license I think. Here is the scenario which may be possible. Set Roon to backup frequently to a sync folder. For instance if you use Apple OS X and turn ‘icloud sync desktop and documents’ on. Point the Roon backup to a location in documents folder’. This would be synched to the Apple cloud and all other apple devices. When you are mobile - will need aos x :slight_smile: - point the Roon music storage to a local device and restore backup.

  2. A picture I took of the network interface streaming 88.4, max PCM and 44.1 selected in the DSP. LTE in the early years would struggle to provide a sustained 30 to 60Mbps for long hoursof listening. Hence some form of point 1 would still make sense.

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I am not quite sure what you are refering too in the network trace shown in point 2, but a 24/96 stream uses no more than 4.4mbps.


thanks for sharing this, am I right in thinking this innovative solution is intended for use with a Mac as core to “stream” from a synced folder of online music? Does it download on the fly? Does roon actually “see” the virtual files for streaming? Ie does it actually work :slight_smile: ?


Will dig intoyour question over the weekend. The quick and dirty graph shown is point a professional metwork monitoring system at the switch interface that the roon end point is connected to.