Thinking about getting an iFi Audio 'iGalvanic 3.0"


I was thinking of trying one of these in my system to what, if any, improvement might be heard. Has this issue of Roon not ‘seeing’ through the iGal 3.0 to the DAC been resolved?

FWIW, I’m using a straight USB cable from PC to Oppo UDP-205 currently and experience no ground loops, only a bit of hiss (ear to the tweeter) with the preamp maxed.


Hi @Larry_Post ---- Thank you for chiming in with your question. I have went ahead and split your post out to it’s own thread under “Roon Software”, so other users who are currently implementing the iGalvanic in their setup can provide you some feedback on how they like the product.

In regard to the previous thread, I am still working with the user to determine what the cause of the issue is. Currently still waiting on feedback from them.