Third speaker out of sync

Hello Eric,

I tested as follows: ungrouped in both Roon and BlueOS, rebooted the Mini (otherwise it is not detected by Roon), set the clock master priority to highest for the speaker that was out of sync (my Flex kitchen speaker) and lowest for the others. Then I grouped the three speakers in Roon. A first test has the three speakers playing in sync now. Before I release the pigeons I would like to test if they stay in sync, as Yiannis wrote the problem could reappear after some time. But the recommended setting did seem to have an effect.



I would love to check but unfortunately I no longer have the Nova. It developed a fault and had to be returned.

I can however confirm that I am running Roon on two zones and in perfect sync:
i) MacBook pro (Core) and ii) PC running windows 10 (roon bridge + Remote).

The Bluesound Pulse 2 would not stay in sync even when grouping with a single other zone (PC). For that test (2 zones only) I set the Bluesound pulse 2 as the highest priority.

I am inclined to believe that the issue is due to Bluesound’s old RAAT version.


Hi, I am afraid I have to report that the problem resurfaced after a few tracks were played. So the clock master priority fix was not a permanent solution in my case.

Sorry to hear this Frans, i have also not been able to find a solution unfortunately.

Based on my tests, the sync problems always appear when a group includes a Bluesound zone. I think you actually have 3 Bluesound zones? I only tried grouping two Bluesound zones and then something even simpler: One Pulse Flex + PC (roon bridge). Just two zones. Music starts in perfect sync and gradually drifts and becomes out of sync (20 mins or so).

It appears however that two zones with the up to date roon bridge will stay in perfect sync (PC + Macbook pro).

I have discussed the issue at the Bluesound forum and the feedback is that it will take time (no indication how long) for them to integrate the updated RAAT. Even if and when they update… we have no certainty that this is the cause of the problem. It is a working hypothesis for sure.

While I appreciate the Bluesound SQ, reliable multiroom audio (in sync) is quite important for me so I am considering options on how to proceed next:

i) Replace Bluesound zones with Roon Bridge zones (mini PCs) + speakers
ii) Go back to Sonos for multiroom audio to regain some reliability at the expense of SQ of course
iii) Forego multiroom audio in sync
iv) Wait to see if and when Bluesound updates RAAT on their side.

Anyway, hope it all works out better for you

Hello Yiannis,

My latest test was done with one Bluesound group (a stereo pair) and one solitary speaker. I grouped these two into one zone in Roon. It is quite possible the same thing you describe happened.

I was in an (extended) trail period for Roon and I decided not to start a full membership because this is a blocking issue for me. I am sorry I can’t continue with Roon for the moment, because its functionality is vastly superior to that of the Bluesound desktop controller. And if the problem is truly caused on the Bluesound side I am doubly sorry. But for me it’s back to using the Bluesound software only for now, which is feasible in my case because I all my speakers are from Bluesound.


@Frans_Knibbe / @Yiannis_Kouropalatis / @Patrickvm ---- Thank you all for the continued feedback and more importantly, thank you for your patience.

To bring everyone up to speed, I had a chance to touch base with the tech team yesterday regarding this behavior you are experiencing with your BS devices. As per the conversation, I was informed by the team that Bluesound is currently working on getting the new RAAT version rolled out for their devices, but you’ll have to check with Bluesound as to when that might be released.


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This is not great news to a prospective buyer like me. Lots of other people happy with the Pulse Flex here so it’s strange.

Hi @AndyP

I was wondering about this as well but I think that some users do not group speakers for multi-room so they do not encounter the issue. What’s more is that the Bluesound speakers stay in sync if controlled via the Bluesound app (assuming a very stable and robust home WiFi).

Depending on the use case, it is possible some people may not come across the sync problem we encountered. Of course this conclusion does not help me (or the others with the same issue) but to my mind at least, it is a Bluesound issue to resolve. Having said that, I can certainly see how Roon’s customer value increases if/when it works reliably in conjunction with Bluesound speakers as end points.

Had I known of this in advance, I would have still purchased Roon but I would have opted for different hardware end points. Probably a combination of roon bridge end points.

I am also definitely keeping my sonos speakers which work well and in sync when controlled via Roon. There are some glitches there as well but they are easily managed.

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Hi Yannis
Thanks for this. The thing is I do want to have a multi room zone in Roon. So I might encounter the issue. I guess I wont know until I try is what you are saying.

Unfortunately I would echo having difficulties with the Flex (in contrast to my Node 2, which is rock solid). For a long time it didn’t like my WiFi and used to vanish at random (unlike any other device, e.g. an RPi based steamer). Powerline adapters addressed that and it was stable with the Bluesound app. Now, new WiFi (Ubiquiti AC Pro) also provides stability in Bluesound. However, things with Roon have never been quite right - sometimes it audibly drops out, sometimes it just logs dropouts. Upsampling to 88KHz or higher can sometimes lead to a hard crash (see also Seeking Help from Bluesound Node2 Users ). These issues, alongside the slow response by BS to Roon integration bugs, lack of MQA through Roon and now the timing issues in grouped zones have put me off purchasing others. It’s a great shame really because it sounds great and, as I say, my Node 2 is rock solid, which does suggest that the issues may not lie so much with the version of RAAT as some specific problem with the Flex. As things stand, I do not see the Flex as Roon Ready, though I realise many people seem to be using it successfully.


This is useful information. Thanks.

So, I’ve been trying to think of a workaround for this timing issue specifically, though I’m conscious that BS say it is network related on their forum. Has anyone tried using a Roon Bridge to the optical-in on a Flex/Pulse? I guess there may be latency but it should be constant and therefore adjustable. Was thinking about something like Does this seem like a terrible idea? It’s obviously a kludgy workaround. As a side benefit, would it also pass through MQA in a way that BS could then process correctly?

Just for the record: I’m experiencing the same syncing problem when I group my Node2 and Pulse Mini in Roon.

Hi @Eric,
Little more info: I have had a Powernode2 and Vault2 working in sync perfectly for over a year. Swapped in a Node2 to replace the Vault2 and have no luck in getting the Node2 to Sync properly with the PowerNode2.

All on wired. All with latest firmware, etc. Works just fine with BluOS.

Will investigate more with other models.

So, I’ve been trying to simplify my setup a bit. I’ve found that usb attached storage to ROCK, rather than my NAS (which happily serves the BS app) seems to increase reliability. Specifically fewer dropouts in BS logs and the end of dropouts to an RPi.

Also, having made my Flex the master clock, I’ve had some prolonged listening with 2 zones in sync. However, as soon as I skip a track, they’re out of sync again. @Eric, not sure if this adds anything new to the picture?

Fwiw, other network changes (eg cabling both Node 2 and Flex directly to ports on the same switch) made no difference.

Just want to confirm for everyone that we are still looking into this issue, and discussing this with Bluesound.

We’ll be in touch with more information soon, and we really appreciate everyone’s patience. Thanks!

Thanks @mike, that’s good to hear…

Thanks for the heads up. Good to know work is being done in order to resolve this issue.

All ---- I just wanted to let you know that @mike has provided an update on this behavior which can be found here:

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I’ve had the out of sync issue which really pissed me off - Flex (wireless) with Roon to NAD amp (D7050) via PC optical out. I changed a setting in the flex (BluOS app) from mono to stereo. Seems to have fixed the sync issue (occasionally there’s a slight sync issue for one song only)
Hope this helps