This is where MQA starts

Se lige hvilket masterbånd vi faldt over…
#TheDoors #LAWoman
“We were going for a much rawer sound – the spontaneous Zen moment. Two weeks, man, the songs were all together. L.A. WOMAN just f—ing exploded in the recording studio, with Jerry Scheff and Marc Benno. God, did we capture it! We smoked a joint and locked in." - Ray Manzarek

Pics and text above Taken from A Warner Facebook post

That’s what I call authentic…


Can’t wait!

What does MQA have to do with this Doors album?


The album is in MQA I believe and this was interesting with regard to that. It’s nice to see a master tape where all the MQA journey starts…

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OK, that makes sense


Looks like 3 versions of L.A. Woman are available on Roon/Tidal.