This large ROCK server for £302?

The KB “Add to cart” button didn’t work, so did a quick search and found this on Amazon.

It’s an i5, 8GB ram, and 64GB SSD - so matches the Roon “large/SDP” spec.

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Is that a fourth generation processor? If so, is it certified by Roon for Rock (though of course it may well work)?

Only the intel NUC’s listed in the ROCK pages are “supported”. Otherwise you are on your own if it stops working after any updates…if it works at all to start with that is.

I don’t think this gets said enough.

One is of course free to try rock on any hardware you want…but when it doesn’t work you are on your own pretty much. That said I (and others here) have had rock running on non Intel NUC hardware…but I also have a supported NUC.

If you really want to be sure with roon on non windows or Mac, then a Linux install is your best bet.

Thanks everyone. I usually value safety and ease over price, so I’ll probably end up following the recommendations and get the intel NUC :slight_smile:

@kevin is going to update the add-to-cart links to make sure they work

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Amazon add-to-cart links are fixed! You can find them here:

Nucleus is also on Amazon (US only) here:


Awesome, thanks

@kevin just for you :wink: : on that same page the nucleus link isn’t working.

That Nucleus page hasn’t been released yet… we are aware the link doesnt work.

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@kevin @danny
Hi, I’m no too knowledgable on things on Intel, but the NUC support as quoted NUC7i7XXX
implies also the 7i7DNHE, which is the 8th (!?) gen i7 processor i7-8650U.
This one has 4 cores instead of 2 cores.
Just wanted to point this difference out, and wonder if will this affect compatibility and support for ROCK?

We’ve never tried or tested the 8th generation and I personally would not run four cores. That CPU is going to get very hot

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