'Three dots' for bottom player-view?

Could we have the three dots (and their functions) also on the bottom of the Roon window that shows the current track (and has play buttons, heart and mic symbol etc?)

This would enable quick way to add the current song into a chosen playlist. ie. in case you are browsing something else in the Roon while you are listening to a new album (to hear if it is any good) and just want to put that current song to one of your playlists without needing to backtrack via top navigation or via queue button to the list of the song and click the three dots from there.


+1 for this. Especially helpful when I’m down a Roon this-artist-is-connected-to-that-producer-is-connected-to-that-engineer rabbit hole and want to do something with the currently playing track without losing my place. Yes, I know there is a ‘back’ arrow, but I feel like my natural inclination is to head down to the ‘now playing’ bar for tasks related to the current track, even though there are things that can’t currently be accomplished there.

In the meantime, rather than the back button, I would click on the little musical icon to the left of the progress bar, the currently playing page has the three dot button for the current track, however you arrived at it. You can go to the entire album and get its three dots.