Three months without Tidal!

I used both Tidal and Qobuz side by side since Roon added Qobuz. So it’s been nearly three months since I cancelled Tidal and just carried on with Qobuz. How has it been?.

Well a mixed bag. I have found from my experience Roon radio has been less varied even though it has its own moments anyway it’s been noticably worse. More and more I am finding big holes in the catalogue. Lots Qobuz had have disappeared and I am realising I am missing more albums I hadn’t played for a while and some newer stuff just isn’t on it all.

Whilst I disliked a lot of MQA.not all was that bad and the fact I cant listen at all to some music is making me reconsider my choice. As its costing me a small fortune replacing all that its missing and I listen a lot.

I guess replacing the missing ones is a better ethical choice for the artists concerned, but not for my wallet or shelves as I am near capacity for Cd’s. I guess some need packing away in the attic that are ripped

So decisions decisions, I have hovered over the subscribe button many times this week as its knarked me, that I cant just listen to what I want via Qobuz. First world problem I know.

What will I do?

To me, the prices of each are worth keeping both. Sure, you might not NEED both, but I agree Roon Radio works better, and I like having the highest resolution available for every album in my library (2231). I like having the redundancy since I have no music files of my own. In the end, it’s not a lot of money.

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Look a sale, not sure if there are any out there, but if you can get some kind of deal, it will make it worth it, I got 1yr of Tidal for $99 from Best Buy, go check them out.


The deals are all on new accounts, I have kept my account as I don’t want to loose the history or library I added and My Tidal Mixes where excellent so don’t want to have to start again if I resub.

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I don’t have and won’t do lifetime. Happy to keep it going with my yearly sub no point now as it will take too long to break even.

You planning to shuffle off this mortal coil soon?

I’ve been with Qobuz-only for a month or so. It’s too early to say if I’ll stay with them long-term as I’m not disatisfied with the service. Roon Radio performance is mostly good. Draw.

My primary concern is that a few titles have already disappeared in the past month or so. TIDAL win.

Qobuz is £14.99 per month or £12.49 when paid annually. TIDAL costs £19.99 per month with no annual payment plan. Qobuz win.

I think TIDAL has more versions of each release including MQA. Whilst I’m not a fan of MQA their catalogue is better. TIDAL marginal win.

So, I’ll be interested in which way you go.

Would it be heresy to sugggest Qobuz +TIDAL Premium for a short time? Both for little more than the cost of TIDAL Hi-FI to test your theory that Roon Radio is not so good?

No but considering after 4 years what I have.pais is sti under the price of lifetime when I started and now it’s way more. At current price it will be another 6 years to break even. Will I be using Roon in another 6 years? If I am I’ve helped kept it going.

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Been sans Tidal for over a year, cant say as I truly miss it that much.
Sure there are a few holes in my collection now but not enough to want to pay for both services atm.
I really like the SQ of Qobuz vs Tidal and yes I know thats going to get some people going for sure!

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I’m in at full fat or not at all, as I already have Spotify to satisfy other needs and family wants outside of my kit and once commuting starts again it will be used a lot by me.

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Just to clarify my position.
I am a full on turbo nutter vinyl head.
Both services were costing just over $40 a month and for that I can still find a lot of nice vinyl at my various LRS for $40!.
Then when they dropped price of Qobuz to $15 that did help decide a little along with my perception that the SQ was better.
And some extra cash to splurge on vinyl!
What can I say?
I’m a dinosaur :t_rex:!


Same here, had both and still buying music and subscribing to Spotify as well for the family. Something had to give. Could not get the kids to move of Spotify and I don’t blame them, content wise and ease of use to them is paramount and it delivers. But I am now missing out on a lot more. But as I have done this weekend if it’s missing I can use other means and if it’s important to have it , buy it. But then I have spent this weekend alone the same price as 3 months of Tidal. I could have added a lot more if I had Tidal. Double edged sword.

Oh I agree with what I have spent this year alone I could have funded Tidal and Qobuz for the next decade I think…lol
But that’s mostly because I decided I needed to complete my Rush vinyl collection and after Pearts death… well prices are crazy.

Fortunately nobody uses Spotify, my daughter is in University, think she uses Apple and Amazon as a student she gets great monthly deals.
Wife watchs TV, so just me to please for music…

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I dropped Tidal as soon as Qobuz was available in US. The main reason I cancelled was because of poor (horrendous) customer service from Tidal. It often took a week for them to reply. I also had a billing issue and took weeks for them to resolve. I can’t comment on Qobuz customer service since I have not had any reason to contact them. Has Tidal customer service improved?.

No idea never had any issues with them in 7 years of having an account.

I can’t say as I had that long a delay in getting answers from Tidal but I do know the answers I got I never liked…lol.

Not True, I tried out Tidal, then dropped it in favor of Qobuz, then saw that $99 sale and signed up, it’s through Best Buy, so yes, you can get it, that is if Best Buy still has the cheaper price.

Best buy is of no use to me I’m in the UK and all deals here are for new customers only.

For me there is no option since Qobuz is not available in Denmark :slightly_frowning_face:
And they are not expanding very fast, so for me Tidal is the clear winner.