Thunderbolt ethernet adapter

Having succesfully installed Roon Rock on a DC3217by and running :slight_smile: I’m wondering why an (apple) thunderbolt to ethernet adapter is not working. USB to ethernetadapter is working fine. Before installing Rock the thunderbolt adapter was just working fine under Elec/Kodi.
Any thoughts?


I don’t think ROCK has thunderbolt drivers baked into the linux kernel.

That would be disappointing and not understandable…

If I recall, they were not found to be stable enough. Hence excluded. Your mileage may vary.

I think the problem is they are not up to the standard that would keep people happy plugging storage into them. If they ended up being unreliable or even corrupting people’s files that would be a huge issue for ROCK which majors on being stable.

For what it’s worth, my USB-C to ethernet adapter is working perfectly.

Usb-c is no thunderbolt…
Looks similair, nut isn’t

I am not claiming it’s similar. Just stating that USB-C to ethernet using the thunderbolt port works.

Yep. The linux Thunderbolt drivers for the chipsets used in the Intel NUCs aren’t in a great state. Some things work, but storage is especially problematic. It’s been a while since I looked into this but the last time I did, the use of a Thunderbolt drive on an Ubuntu nuc caused a kernel panic.