THX Onyx DAC with iPad Air and ROON


I´ve got a TXH Onyx DAC that I can connect via USB-C to my iPad Air

If I play TIDAL MQA using TIDAL App, y get violet led color that correspond to MQA Render, but if I play the same file via ROON I onle get >48 kHz PCM (yellow led color in my DAC) that correspond to High Resolution

In my ROON app I´ve got the Streaming Content Preferences i “Prefer MQA over anything else”

What I´m doing wrong ?


Enable Roons MQA core decoder in the device advanced section. Tidal app will be performing the MQA decode function in that scenario. In Roon this is off by default you have to enable it.


I´ve put “Decoder Only” in the Settings/Audio/Device setup in the iPad Roon App whitout success


That is not enabling the decoder see my screen grab as to where it’s located. That’s just telling Roon how to treat the device and be able to use DSP and maintain MQA signal. Please show a screen grab of your signal path.

Scroll down and open up advanced settings

I´ve enabled the MQA decoder and the other parameters are Ok ?

Set it so max pcm rate is max for your DAC. It’s not enabled in you’re screen grab though it’s off.

Thanks so much