[Ticket in] ARC B274 blocks Android 14´s home/back button & task manager by overlaying

I run ARC B274 on a modern Samsung (S24) with Android 14 and encountered a problem with latest build:

Once having ARC in foreground, it stays there and does not allow the Android main buttons to appear (instead continuously showing the 4 main ARC buttons). As these three - task manager, home and back - are vital to switching apps, it is a bit difficult to ever leave ARC. In some cases it is working to open a search window in ARC as the appearing keyboard seems to force the 3 main buttons to appear and stay as well.

I am not sure which build I used for the last time, but I am quite sure scrolling up from below used to work and task manager as well as home button appeared.


Same issue here with a Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra.

Same issue on Samsung S22+.
That worked fine in the previous build.

While trying to figure out when exactly the Android buttons reappear and stay after using text search, a new variant of the problem evolved: Android and ARC main controls are now seemingly both appear as prioritized at the same time leading to overlap each other:

All 7 controls are active but it is difficult to hit the outer ARC controls, home and MUSE, as the Android buttons are too close.

Same here - on Samsung S22 - it’s super annoying and a bug that has also come and gone in the past.

See similar with Android 13 on Fairphone 4 - android buttons appear on swipe up, overlapping with Roon controls and disappear almost too quickly to be useable at all. It’s really messy down there.

Hi, thank you for the report. We were able to reproduce and created a ticket for our dev team.




Running B275 ARC and the problem seems to be fully resolved. Android main buttons and ARC main buttons are always-on yet separated so no confusion anymore.

Thank you very much, roon team!

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Working for me too - thanks! I’m sure it looks a little different to previously but I’m just glad it works now.

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Works fine also for me.

But more surprisingly that fixed also that problem:

Please fix missing cover problem(s) and ARC becomes really usable :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: