[Ticket In] B1297 Cannot remove default composer credit from tracks in some albums (only QOTSA?) (ref#DL87MM)

Affected Product

Roon, remote on macOS

Roon Core Platform

Roon Optimized Core Kit (ROCK)

Roon Core Specifications

NUC10i5FNH, 16 GB RAM, OS Version 1.0 (build 258) production, Server Version 2.0 (build 1297) earlyaccess

Connected Audio Devices

Naim NDX-2, RAAT

Home Network Details

Ethernet to Core, Fritzbox 6690 Cable, unmanaged switch

Roon Issue Category

Interface & Usability

Description of Issue

Cannot remove composer credit from tracks, is still shown in credit list

I see this in the albums Songs for the Deaf and Rated R by Queens of the Stone Age, both the Qobuz version and my local one. Haven’t tried with other albums.

My setting is Show Composer Credits: Always.

Screenshots are from Songs for the Deaf. I go to track editing and remove an incorrect composer (track 2 here):

Shows as removed:

But afterwards it is still listed:


I tried this with several tracks on both mentioned albums, both single-selection and multi-selection. Other edits work, e.g. removing a default credit for a guitar player, adding credits, or editing a track title.

Rebooted Core and restarted app, no change

Here’s an example from the same track 2 on Songs for the Deaf which works, removing an incorrect drums credit:

Gene Trautmann is gone OK:

I think the edit has to be at both the track and album level.

Thanks - I am editing a lot but never noticed such a necessity. As far as I can tell, the album level gives a generic role info under the name in the album credits list, and the track level gives the role and the additional “x tracks” info.

I don’t think it’s the first time that I’m removing an incorrect track credit for an artist while leaving their album credit that isn’t wrong because the artist worked on other tracks. It seems logical that this has to work.

Anyway, I tried and it didn’t help here:

  • Removed composer Nick Oliveri from album level and the track level, and he still shows in the track’s credits.
  • In addition, drummer Gene Trautmann has an album credit (he actually played on tracks 1 and 8) and when I leave this in place and remove him from the track 2 credits (where only Dave Grohl played), he does get removed from the track 2 credit list.

Edit - additional evidence. Again the track 2. All album credits are in place: Nick Oliveri as composer and on bass guitar, Gene Trautmann on drums. Then removing the track credits for all 3:

Result: Oliveri is gone as bass player and Trautmann as drummer, but Oliveri is still there as composer:

Just wanted to mention that I managed to replicate this behaviour on the SFTD album.

Looks like the source data is from musicbrainz - https://musicbrainz.org/release/6c550572-70a7-4bb9-9486-b5fcea89848c

This can be corrected in MB by submitting an edit request

Thanks for confirming!

Now I tried to remove the composer on a track from a different album by a different artist and it works there as usual. So maybe there is something broken with QOTSA albums (as I previously could confirm this on Rated R as well) and it’s not an Early Access issue; or maybe nevertheless some oddity in Roon. (Roon staff, please feel free to move to #support:metadata or something). Great :frowning:

I know it can be edited on MB, but editing QOTSA albums should still work in Roon :smiley:

I wish I could be a better citizen and edit the credits for the whole world on MB, but frankly the metadata quality is generally so atrocious that I have to edit literally everything that is important to me, and doing this in Roon is rather quick, while online in web forms I find super annoying and slow. And I don’t feel that I could make a dent in the huge mess that clueless online editors have created.

It would be great if user edits in Roon could automatically be provided to online databases, maybe with someone reviewing them and then arguing with the gatekeepers online :wink:

Hello @Suedkiez !

Thanks for reporting this one.

I was able to reproduce this issue on my end and it seems like there is an issue with the metadata that comes from MusicBrainz.

I’ve created a ticket for our developers.

Thanks again for noticing this!

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I realized that Nick Oliveri is also a composer on the offending compositions, hence removing him as a composer from the recordings had no visible effect. I had to go to the compositions and remove him there as well.


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