Ticking/Popping noise through USB


I am using Ropieee as an ethernet/usb transport for my Aqua DAC. No hats, just the Raspberry (Model 3B+).

I do not use oversampling, so most of the music is 16bit/44.1KHz. Connection is ethernet (no WiFi).

There is occassionaly a pooping/ticking sound. I tried two PSU, the original one and a Linear PSU (with 25W). Actually it is worst with the linear PSU but the problem is there with both of them.

If I connect my MacBook direct to the DAC, then everything is OK.

Is it a known problem?

Unfortunately, I’ve experienced this too from time to time. Indeed that’s one reason why I use the Allo DigiOne with my DAC.

I recommend this if your DAC supports S/PDIF 75 ohm BNC.

I agree. The Allo DigiOne cured my ticks and pops. On another Ropiee (PI 3 B) a Shiit WYRED also worked but the DigiOne sounds better IMHO.