"ticking" sound, at least when playing dsf files

spockfish, in my case the DAC isn’t the problem in general.
rooncore on imac -> roonbridge on mac mini -> usb -> holospring dac -> no ticking
(dsd over PCM v1.0 (DoP) set)

rooncore in imac -> roopieeexl -> i2s -> holospring dac -> ticking
(dsd over PCM v1.0 (DoP) set)

And how do you have the i2s out from the Pi? Do you have a HAT?
O never mind: you use the Rasptouch device.

I don’t know the device or have one, so I’m out of options I’m afraid.

Okay thanks for the thoughts. Will use convert to pcm in the mean time and test with new versions etc.

You could be right, When playing my DSD files via Roon there are no issues.
I have contacted Denafrips Support.
They’ve asked me to send some DSD for them to analyse. I’ve done that a few Days ago and now waiting for their feedback.

Which Denafrips DAC are you using?
I’m using the Ares 2 connected via USB directly to my Roon ROCK server and there are no issues with DSD files. I’ve even successfully played a DSD512 file.
Though I haven’t tried the Ares via Ropieee.

I’m using the Ares 2
Denafrips has confirmed my findings and are working on a fix.
When the new firmware is out I’m going to test it and give them feedback

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I was unaware the Ares 2 has the ability to update its firmware “in the field”?

That’s good news Hans!

Just received a new firmware. So yes , firmware updates are possible.
I have to say that Denafrips is pretty quick in their response. Curious to experience the difference.
Will do the upgrade this weekend.


Looking forward to hearing your results.

Found the time to do the firmware upgrade.
It took some time to get this done but its doable and most important its indeed an improvement.
I have just managed to listen 30 minutes or so but so far, No more ticking ( distortion ) in my DSD music.

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  1. Do you need to open up the Denafrips (for changing a jumper or short something) to do the upgrade?
  2. What is/are the firmware version(s) to be applied? 2006be11? CPLD_1081? Both?


Hi Peter,

For me the intention of this portal is to provide support and information for the Roon Community.
Personally I would like to stay away off providing commercial influences being positive or negative.

Hope you understand.

Best Regards Hans

I’m not trying to impose any negative influence. I simply need to know solutions. If you do not feel comfortable sharing the information, I can respect that.

My understanding is Denafrips is using Amanero USB module. Some Roon users also faced Amanero issues (not limited to the brand of DAC you’re using but most brands using Amanero). You can search here and you’ll see what I referred to.

In addition, in case a Denafrips user tells me he experiences DSD problem with our streamer, I need to tell him which firmware to use.

Hi Peter,

This link will take you to their public website. I think you can find some answers here.