Ticks and Pops when played via HQ Player Embedded

Hey All ROON’ies

Running ROON ROCK > ASUS AC87 Router > NUC with HQ Player Embedded > ALLO SIGNATURE BRIDGE > ALLO REVOLUTION DAC. all devices on cabel Cat 6a…Sounds so much better…But have this record like pops and ticks in audio playback.
Sound route looks like this…see pic…
Uprendering everything to DSD 512…All Ticks/Pops is from DSD 64 and up to DSD 512
Any suggestions to avoid this?

Output everything in Roon at native rate. The whole point of HQPlayer is to allow it to do any heavy lifting. Let it do the upsampling.

Henry_Understand ur suggestion…
512 from ROCK without HQ sounds ok, without pops
Thinking of…Mayby the NUC is to small for the job…Is there and…tabel or likeit…To see how much horsepower there is needed for the desired settings…U now anything about that?

Either use Roon to upsample or HQPlayer not both. If you are using HQPlayer then Roon should be set to just forward the stream to HQPlayer.


All pops and clicks is gone…I did what Henry and others said…Straight through ROON…Uprender in HQ Player…So good

Adittional question
If i move Hq Embedded to another more powerfull machine…Thinking about the price or is it free…IF the old machine is gone…Anybody now that?

I could be wrong but I thought HQ Embedded was included with certain pre-built machines, as such the cost would have been built into the price of the unit. I am not sure Embedded is sold separately, if not you would have to get the Desktop version. HQPlayer is not a free software.

@jussi_laako would be able to detail the options better.

Yep…I now Jussi, He is the Master when it comes to HQ Player…and programmer
I bought a key for my Embedded version…Otherwise it shut down every 30min
Il be back when i have a solution from Jussi

Ohh.and…Rugby…Could it be possible to find a spreadsheet to show devices with this Embedded…included in the price?..I actually doesnt new that!

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If you have a “named user” license, you can transfer it reasonable number of times per year to a new machine. But you need to email me.

Here under “Hardware with HQPlayer Embedded pre-installed” you can find list of devices. Although IIRC, for Antipodes you need to buy the license yourself. For the others you can get it all from the hardware vendor.

Jussi_Thanks a lot…New device is on the way

I had a similar issue recently where it sounded like random pops and ticks (like vinyl) when playing music from my Innuos ZEN MK3 via USB to Hegel H390. This was only a recent manifestation with no changes made in the system. Tried everything with no joy. Eventually replaced the Morrow Audio USB cable with another and problem solved.

Very small pops and ticks, sounding like dust particles on vinyl are usually lost USB packets. These packets are 125 µs long. So in case such happens, it is best to check the USB side first.

(On Chord DACs however, it typically results in blast of white noise from the DAC output)