Tidal 6 months free HIFI (Sprint promo)

Type sprint to redeem
Caught this on Reddit.


Thanks alot, @guerph ! It is valid only for the new members and (i think) only for USA. Anyway - great finding!

This didn’t work with my Australian account. There is an active 3 month offer for Australians though: http://www.stereo.net.au/forums/topic/111172-free-90-day-tidal-hifi-lossless-subscription/

Edit: signing up via a VPN works

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Wow, I can’t believe this worked (US, new user)! I didn’t even need to enter any credit card information to be auto-billed when 180 days expires.

Yeah I just signed up from another website, this code is going viral…I cancelled my 30 day trial and used another email account. Tidal is pretty good, the integration with Roon is seamless. Good job.

thanks! signed up from Canada with VPN enabled and then with VPN turned off am able to stream without issue – even the Masters albums are accessible and work

now just need a DAC connected to the computer to properly test MQA (no audible difference using headphones directly connected to computer via Tidal desktop app)

Thanks. Registered. :thumbsup:

Sweet! Thanks! Totally worked. Enjoying the Roon integrated features.

Code invalid here…

It’s great to get a free trial, and a long one. But in the end, if you love it and how Tidal integrates with Roon your going to have to subscribe. Use it (pay for it) or lose it.
Enjoy the trial though :sunglasses:


Did not work with Greek account…

Any way to make this work if already a subscriber?

The code stopped working a few hours after release, so nothing to see here for new or existing subscribers.

If your a subscriber, please keep subscribing as that’s the only way a service I assume you all value can survive.
Music isn’t free, well quality music isn’t and it’s time we all learned this fact. Otherwise, there is always ad supported Spotify etc and their MQA support. (This is where you, the listener become the product to be advertised at)
The free trials purpose is the make it easy for new people to experience quality and to allow them to make their own mind up.
Just thoughts on the individual responsibility on garunteeing a long term future for quality streaming, whatever supplier you choose.


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Yeah, no worries. I’ve been a subscriber at Tidal since the start in 2014 and, Wimp before that since 2012. I also pay for Spotify Premium and buy the rest from Bandcamp so I’m def putting in my share! :slight_smile:

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Sprint offers two plans with Tidal free trial plans. An Unlimited Plus plan, which allows getting a 6-month Tidal Premium free trial. An Unlimited Premium plan to get a Tidal HiFi 6 months free trial
To get 6-month Tidal free trial HiFi with Sprint:

  1. Subscribe to your Sprint Unlimited Premium plan;
  2. Navigate to the official website if you are using a paid one. And then cancel the Tidal subscription;
  3. Once you log out of the Tidal account, you can accept the Sprint subscription to start the Tidal free trial for 6 months.