Tidal Adds Dolby ATMOS for Android

All good until it mentioned android only… Ugh…

I think we thought about getting one as a door wedge once :slight_smile:

Its a shame there is that limit as I already have the HDMI out of my NUC connected to an atmos capable AVR and speaker setup, so would welcome native support in Roon + ROCK for this.


I have no idea why an ATMOS enabled Tidal track wouldn’t be able to be played via Roon connected to an ATMOS enabled system. Like Adam, I have my Nucleus+ connected to my theater’s McIntosh MX160 via HDMI which enables me to play 5.1 music. It also enables me to use the Dolby Upmixer in the MX160 to synthesize ATMOS from stereo or 5.1 tracks which is surprisingly good but would be awesome to play ATMOS tracks directly. I’ll be talking to one of my friends who works with Tidal on their strategy for ATMOS and 360 Audio and see if there is any further info.

@support – would be great for Roon to weigh in on this also.


I think both Amazon and Tidal have botched the launch on Atmos Music,
I have Atmos installed in my Home theater/ Stereo room, True Atmos sounds amazing for movies and the limited music that is available. Amazon atmos only works with the echo studio which is at best a mediocre sonos type speaker, Tidal will only stream Atmos on Android so the best you can do with that will be headphones through your phone (unless it works with android TV and will bit-stream back to the preamp via HDMI I know it dosent work for Amazon).

If they are going to go through the trouble of mixing in Atmos they should at least let the people with proper equipment enjoy it.

I just quit Tidal in favor of qobuz and ditched my Amazon trial when I discovered I owned nothing that could play the music bit perfect, if either one of them enable me to play atmos on my theater rig the right way I will re-subscribe.

I have been listening to Surround sound music since DVD-A and SACD were state of the art and I have a substantial collection, when done correctly it can be a very rewarding experience, the thought of proper mixes in immersive Atmos really intrigues me and I cant wait to hear it.



@Andrew_Onorato1 – I agree. For Tidal to launch ATMOS with only android phone and pc support without ensuring it can be used in home theater gear is inane. Its designed for home, not headphones. 360 audio is designed for headphones – it’s a better fit there so a phone or pc focused release is fine.

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I wasn’t aware of the PC support, I will try it with my Mac mini and tidal app to see if the HDMI can bitstream the Atmos to my marantz prepro.
I wonder if it is the lossy Dolby digital + or lossless truehd variety of Atmos that they will be streaming, probably the former if I had to bet.

@Andrew_Onorato It’s supposed to be 8-12 channels of true ATMOS… That’s why it’s better for home – it’s pretty heavy… And I haven’t tested pc so not sure. Just heard it was supported. Let me know what you find out.

I find some new albums of TIDAL through Roon is 24/96 FLAC. Is this Dolby or 2 channels?

2 channel, not ATMOS.

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I have a MyGica Android streamer for video,connected to my Samsung 950 soundbar which is atmos

Time to play, I’ll load the Tidal app onto MyGica and see what I get

Not sure if Roon will even see this…

Dolby Atmos is the best possible way to hear your music.

Tidal made a giant step with Dolby Atmos, and we are waiting from roon to adapt this feature inside the roon core software capabilities.

Dolby Atmos doesn’t need HDMI, if you have ethernet, which, by the way, is almost the same connection. So, roon server should feed with tidal Dolby Atmos songs my Dolby Atmos capable roon ready audio zone (Trinnov).

Roon server is working perfectly with multichannel audio (up to 7.1) from hard drive via ethernet to the roon ready audio zone. No need for HDMI.

We are looking forward for roon to adapt the immersive experience from Tidal.
And in general.
The future of audio is immersive.