TIDAL - again WIMP in Germany?

The monthly fee for my Tidal HIFI DE STANDARD subscription now (May 01, 2021) debited from my PayPal account by WIMP Music GmbH instead by Tidal as in the past. What does this mean? Are things going on at Tidal which are of general interest for those how use Tidal with ROON?

Cannot say but want to add that my recent payment was to WIMP Music GmbH as well.

It is a streaming service provider, very likely Tidal hired them to manage subscriptions and associated payment processing. Not much to it.

It could very well be a bi-product of the transfer of ownership to Square. That is a challenging exercise, so might have been charged via an old entity during transfer.

It appears that there was more in that. For some days I could not connect to TIDAL and was offered to renew my subscription as if it had been terminated. For avoiding a double payment I just waited and wrote to support@tidal.com, and now I can connect to TIDAL again, without having received a proper response from TIDAL´s support.

I’m in South Africa , a couple of weeks back , out of the blue I was offered a priced reduction. We already have lower prices than in US and Europe not uncommon in poorer countries I believe.(maybe a comment on the value of our currency)

I was offered a drop from R120 to R90 (=$6) for a one year period, and the next debit was indeed R90

Strange , maybe the threat of Spotify and Apple is biting

For me the same, but I’ve charged two times in May, one on 12th for Tidal HiFi and another on 23th for WIMP Music GmbH. Under investigation…

Tidal was WIMP, or rather WIMP became Tidal.
Very likely the legal company entities underneath the brand are still those setup when WIMP. They may have just been ‘trading as’, or operating under a different merchant name with that card acquirer.
Change Card acquirer and the name used may change.
And when you have been taken investment from a Card Acquirer, in the form of Square, I would be sure Tindal’s card payments have to be processed by Square now.