TIDAL album can not be found through roon

@support am I’m doing something wrong?

That’s a strange one alright. Can’t find it in Roon, but it’s available in Tidal. However, if I favourite it in Tidal, it still won’t show in Roon.

Cheers, Greg

This is usually a TIDAL/Roon sync issue. We only get updated TIDAL metadata every 24 hours, so sometimes we’re a little out of sync. If we don’t know about a new TIDAL album, we can’t import it into or display it in Roon.

Problem is it does not appear to be a new album. I even think it worked a week ago.

Is this problem being resolved?

From where I stand nothing is happening.

@support I did spend a significant time to narrow down which of 64 albums we’re having trouble.

Hey @Ulf_Jalmbrant – I’m seeing the same, thanks for the report.

Can you let us know what country your TIDAL account is for? Then @Ivan can open open a ticket for @joel to have another look at this.

I have a Swedish TIDAL account.

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I can no longer see the album in question in TIDAL so in that sense it is completely solved.

Hi Ulf, thanks for letting us know.

Sorry to dredge up an old thread, but I’m having the same problem for this album on Tidal:

My local album is not being identified but it exists on Tidal.