TIDAL Album (RTJ4) Showing Tracks Unavailable

The new album by Run The Jewels titled RTJ4 shows up in Roon, but you can only play the first two tracks off the album. When you use the actual TIDAL app, you can listen to all of the songs. Not sure why in Roon it says “unavailable” in red lettering next to the majority of the songs.

The album in Roon shows a release date of June 5. According to the band, because of everything that’s going on in the world right now, they decided to release it now.

I’m not sure if Roon is able to change the release date now. However, it should be playable on Friday.

Cheers, Greg

Hi @Itotron,

As noted on our TIDAL KB page, there can sometimes be a delay between when an album is available in TIDAL and when it is available in Roon. This is most common with “surprise releases”, which is the case here (this album wasn’t supposed to be out until tomorrow). Rest assured the album will be available soon in Roon.

Apologies for the trouble!


I should also note that the album is available to download for free from the Run The Jewels website, so you can download it there and import it into Roon in the meantime.

Thanks. That explanation makes. A lot of other artists have also been releasing early. I’ll check on it again Friday too see if it fixes itself.