TIDAL albums I do not want to see [Collections]

Hi all,

A question to TIDAL user: on the “album” screen, sorted by “date added” I see a lot off TIDAL albums (see below). Some I have downloaded on my phone by the TIDAL app (to hear offline in the car) and some I have never seen. None of them I have used in ROON.

Is there a possibility, to switch them off?


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It’s possible that when you first installed and launched Roon, you clicked the “Add albums to my TIDAL library” by mistake (see the “Jump start your library” section here). If that’s the case, then open your Tag browser. If you see tags of the form TIDAL:genre (for example, TIDAL:Essentials or TIDAL:Classical), then these are the albums that have been added during first launch of Roon.

Click the tag(s) to see the list of albums, you can then select them all and delete them from your library. Best to also delete the tag as well.

But the easiest way should be to Disable the Tidal account in Roon Settings, right?

It’s an approach but of course only if the OP wishes to not take advantage of Roon / Tidal integration at all.

I think the more surgical approach suggested by Geoff is the way to go.

You could use the “focus” feature and then make a bookmark.

I have a bookmark called My Music where I focused on my local library storgage location. I also have one that focuses on Tidal only.

Focus and bookmarks is a very easy way to looked at only the music you are interested in (genre, year, type, location, artist, etc)

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Following on from Geoff’s post … something you might not be aware of is that any tracks favorited in the Tidal, will automatically be synced and added to the Roon library.

This might explain why some of the music you have downloaded for the car, now show up in Roon.

I recommend check on the Roon Knowledge Base is a great reference / help source for all users.

Do let us know how you get one cleaning up your Roon library.

PS It is also possible to hide / unhide albums in Roon, but I’d follow Geoff advice first before going down that route.

Geoff - how do I delete a Tidal album from my library?

Absolutely Bob, i use that approach meself! I just got the impression the OP wanted to only use his local library with Roon. Sometimes i use the ”disable” fuction also, as i dont subscribe to Tidal all year around.

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OK, here’s an example. I happen to have used the TIDAL:Classical tag, so I’ve gone to the Tag browser, and clicked on the “TIDAL:Classical” tag. That gives me this selection of TIDAL albums. Then to select the ones I want to delete, I right-click on those albums to get the menu bar at the top of the screen. Then click the “3-dots” menu and select “Edit”. From there, I’m in the Album Editor, and “Delete Albums” is the button at the bottom of the Album Options tab…

You could also use Focus in the Album browser and select “TIDAL” in the Format selector to list all your TIDAL albums, and go from there…

Thanks! Too easy :slight_smile:

Just signed up for Tidal, and had never had a reason to delete one of my ripped CDs.