Tidal Albums not Adding to Library

I’m not sure if anyone else is experiencing this but Roon isn’t able to add albums from Tidal to my library. It takes a while, then Roon reports an error saying it is taking a long time and it will continue to try in the background.

I haven’t reached the 10000 album limit. The latest album I’ve tried is Bob Dylan’s new album,Rough and Rowdy Ways.

Have tried logging out and back in to tidal and restarting my Rock.

Any thoughts are very welcome.


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Is your Roon Remote device running the same version of Roon as your Core (Settings|About)?

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I had this same issue, until - as BlackJack questioned - I checked my settings and my Remote was running Version 1.7 (build 571) but my Core was running Version 1.7 (build 555). After updating the Core the problem had gone away.

I am experiencing this problem. Please inform me how to update on my Roon ROCK (I can see my music there, but not Roon) and on my iPad.


Same problem here - going in to the Settings>About page I could see the ROCK was still on build 555 - with a message to update.

With that done, I can now add albums to the library again.

Thanks for the help!!

Open your own support thread to be seen. Have you been to settings, about in roon?

Gareth, what is the “10,000 album limit” you referenced? I had this same issue (Tidal albums no longer able to add to Library) and heard about a limit so I talked to Tidal Support. Tidal has NO limit on the # of albums you can identify as a Favorite (or Add to Library). Is this a Roon-imposed limit?

I can’t personally verify this, I’m afraid. I found the reference in another thread - it strike as a little odd, I’ll confess

How do we get someone knowledgeable from Roon to give us the facts? I’m new to this Roon community. I’d like to understand this because I did hit a point when I could no longer add albums to my Roon Library from Tidal. But after deleting some TIDAL albums, I was able to add more. So there does seem to be a limit but based on what Tidal said, the limit is in the Roon software.

In another forum Tidal support said there is a limit.

was told by Tidal there wasn’t a limit on liked/downloaded songs. They said there’s a limit to favorites albums (9999), number of playlists (9999), songs in playlists (9999). I haven’t hit 10k yet with my likes songs, I’ll hit that sometimes next week as I keep transferring my library over

I saw that when I was doing my initial research. I contacted TIDAL directly myself because of the conflicting information. They confirmed that there are NO limits.

Can we please get someone from ROON SUPPORT to help with this? There are many, many posts related to the inability to add albums from TIDAL into your Roon Library. It appears that there is a limit because you can delete some TIDAL albums and then add additional ones but at some point you can no longer add. I recently (August, 2020) spoke with TIDAL Support and they confirmed to me that they have NO LIMIT for the # of album favorites. This is a MAJOR problem and severely limits BIG collectors like me. ROON was made to have easy access to BIG collections but this limit results in a constant purging of less favorable albums so you can add ones you want. PLEASE HELP!! Roon says there are no limits and TIDAL says there are no limits. SO WHAT IS THE PROBLEM many of us are running into when adding more TIDAL albums to our Roon Library??

Post in the Roon Support forum if you want them to look into this. How many Tidal links do you have in your Roon library? I have about 1000 linked albums from Tidal and the same 1000 linked from Qobuz with no issues. I’m guessing you have way more than that.

Thanks for the advice on posting this on the Support board. I’m relatively new to the Board. I’m guessing I have about 7 or 8 thousand TIDAL albums in my Library.