Tidal and finding new releases

We can send giant cameras into space. Computers can create stunning art from a sentance. But Tidal can’t seem to work out how to let me know of my artists new releases. I have to go looking for them. In fact, I have to keep up with several record shop websites to do a job that should be baked in to Tidal.

I know there’s a bell in the Tidal app but it has maybe 3, at a stretch, new releases from the current week.

Sorry, had to vent. I find this, something that should be a very easy task, very frustarting.

I use in roon: the tidal tab with Explore and select your wanted genre or New Releases for You in roon Home. Maybe helps :slight_smile:

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Hey Traian :slight_smile:

Yes, I always check the Roon tab. They seem to have some highlights from the week on there.

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The tidal tab in roon looks a little better updated, copy of the one in the tidal app as I have observed