Tidal App - I can select my DAC but signals are not going to it

I can select my DAC from within Tidal, but signals are not going to it …

So the Tidal app sees your DAC but the app only plays through the Mac speaker? And the Mac is the same location where your running Roon?

In the Tidal app, under Settings/Streaming scroll down to where your DAC is listed and click on the little gear icon that should appear when you hover (or click) the cursor over the DAC name.

Here’s my settings. Use them. Exclusive mode means that either Tidal OR Roon has use of the DAC when either are playing.

This is assuming that you’re running Roon and Tidal on the same Mac. Otherwise, perhaps you need to change the input selector on your DAC.

Good luck and let us know if you get it sorted.

HA-2 needs input B for use as a USB dac and if you have roon configured to exclusive it might not get released for tidal to use…just theorizing but B input is a 100% sure…I have an HA-2 and a 1 as well