Tidal app settings

do i need to worry whether hifi is selected on the tidal desktop screen? can i also disregard all other settings including tidal exclusive mode etc etc? probably being over careful here but just to check. i very rarely open the tidal desktop screen since using tidal/roon. @support

The app is totally independent of Roon. What matters is that you pay the hifi subscription. That determines the quality of streams you receive. From there all adjustments are within Roon.

Hi @musickid,

Generally speaking, the settings in TIDAL are independent of the settings in Roon.

Regarding the specific settings you mentioned:

No, this setting in TIDAL does not have any impact on how things work in Roon. We will default to the highest quality available to you in Roon.

Setting Exclusive Mode in TIDAL has no impact on whether or not Exclusive Mode is set in Roon. This is configured in Device Setup in Roon.

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