Tidal blocking my IP?

I’d appreciate any input if anyone knows.

Since about 10 days, I can’t reach Tidal from my home network. I can’t reach it via Roon, via its own app or I can’t open www.tidal.com from any computer on my network using either safari or chrome. I get a 404 Not Found error.

I can open Tidal from the office, I can open Tidal using my cellular network (close the wifi on my phone and either use the Tidal app or connect form my laptop using Hotspot), I can also connect to Tidal using a vpn. Which leads me to believe there is a problem between my home connection and Tidal. Since I’ve not changed anything in my network, I think the problem might be at the other end.

I have written to them for technical support, but I get bounced from person to person, none of whom bother read what the problem is and tell me “it’s a problem with your country” or “restart your computer”. Absolutely useless so far - I’ve asked that my problem is escalated to a technical person; will see… It’s as if they are pushing people towards Qobuzz (which I’ve been considering doing and this might be the final straw).

In the meantime, would anyone know if Tidal does block IPs? Or does anyone have another suggestion on how to solve this issue?

Thanks and Happy New Year

This sounds like an issue with your local network, router or ISP. If you haven’t changed anything try changing the DNS servers in your router to and

Also, it would be useful to provide a little information about your setup (network etc.) and your location/ region.

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I’m in Istanbul (Turkey).

I’ll try changing the DNS on my router (I’ll have to figure how). I’m not sure how to describe my network. I have a fiber optic connection to the ISP. In my house, it’s a mix of wired (ethernet) and wifi connections. Nothing can reach Tidal over my network regardless of connection type/OS/etc …

Changing the DNS on my laptop worked !! Thanks so much. You loved in 2 seconds what Tidal support hasn’t figured in over 10 days. Should have asked here first. So, why did changing the DNS work? Why did my old DNS stop working ?

Now I have to figure how to change it on the QNAP server

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Pleased to learn that this sorted the issue on your laptop. I suggest to try to change your router too. It’s probably on an IP like or (just try these in your browser.) Unfortunately, some ISPs don’t permit the change as it’s tied to their parental controls/ content. So it may be worthwhile checking with them if content filtering is active and blocking streaming services.

Turkey is officially supported by TIDAL so I think it’s safe to say that’s not the problem.

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I’ve figured out how to change the DNS on the NAS (after wrongly changing its IP then being unable to connect to it for a while :slight_smile: but I sorted that out eventually).

Working perfectly now - thanks a lot Martin, you’ve made my day.


I would talk to your ISP as its likely an issue with their DNS routing that needs sorting. You really should not have to chamge from you ISP ones. I found Cloudflare to be signifcanlty worse than my ISP in the UK and also had routing issues when I used them.

When software like Roon says “Go get this information from Tidal.com”, the request goes to a DNS server that looks up the exact IP address of where Tidal.com is on the web. If the DNS server can’t find that IP address, or it takes too long, you have problems.
Commonly used DNS servers like Cloudflare or Google get zillions of requests for IP addresses. So they know where Tidal.com is, and they may even have it stored in a cache so it doesn’t need to be looked up.

You ISP also does this. If its not they have a fault and should be told to fix it. Cloudflare is all based in the US and is way slower in Europe compared to local ISP in my case. In fact its very low down in the hierarcy for me. Why everyone thinks they are better is beyond me. My ISP are the top 3 every time when running DNS Benchmark, direct connection via router to ISP DNS is the fastest route.

Could you explain the point? I’m missing it. Trying to understand this stuff better.
Happy New Year, by the way!

Cloudflare uses an ANYCAST network with points of presence in over 200 cities worldwide. Typically, these DNS servers will give better results than the ISP DNS server. But let’s not complicate things for @Cemil. :slight_smile:

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It’s working now - I’m leaving it alone !!


Happy new year. Your ISP will have DNS servers of their own which should be fine and your connecition is optimised for those and it will route you through the quickest route and CDN servers where needed. They all cache as well. In a case where you ISP DNS servers are realy crap some can be then it may be better to resort to 3rd party DNS servers such a Google, Cloudflare or OpenDNS or other. But you need to check which performs best in your region its seems Roons first response these days is change your DNS to Cloudflare, which without proper investigation is not always the best solution.

if your ISP is worth its salt and you have connection issues this should be raised with them not ignored and just switch or it wont ever get resolved. It may be just a temporary issue that they are working on.

Even the big DNS providers are not without there own issues Cloudflare have just as any DNS issues as others at times same for Google etc.

In my case I was using Cloudflare due to supports recommendations but it caused more issues and slow resolution when browsing compares to my regualr ISP DNS. I did tests to compare using DNS Benchmark to see and could see how much quicker to resolve they are. I have Google and Cloudflare now relugated to 3rd and 4th choice incase my ISP servers go down but this has not happened and Roon and the rest of my network has been much snappier without Cloudfare and not one Qobuz issue since either.

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Thank you Simon!

I have been using pihole for my DNS and Cloudflare as my upstream DNS. I am constantly getting “can’t connect to core” and music from Qobuz just stopping. I’m running core on my M1 Mac mini. I first bypassed my pihole on my core and sent my DNS queries to Cloudflare, same issue. I then configured my core to use google dns and the issue went away. Also my queries to Cloudflare are DNSSEC too. Any one else experience this and if so found a cure? I like the security of Cloudflare but I like my music better :slight_smile: Thanks