[Tidal] Colin Davis: Cover art issue

browsing Colin Davis (conductor) via Tidal and came across an odd cover art mismatch. not sure whether this is a Tidal or Roon issue. the album is Die Zauberflote (The Magic Flute), but the cover art is for the wrong album. both albums happen to be Phillips recordings, which is interesting. Display shows artwork for Missa Criolla.

Hi @woodford, thanks for the report. Yes, it’s a bad TIDAL image. However, that TIDAL edition appears to be no longer available (UK and US regions), so I guess that TIDAL has removed it and we’re slightly out of sync.

Let me know if you need a cover art image for a manual edit.

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yes, an image for the magic flute would be great.

there are some additional oddities:

if i search for Colin Davis, I come to a typical results page:

scrolling down i see his Tidal Albums:

and clicking to view them, there appear to be 38 total in Tidal:

five pages, eight per page except the last page

if i go back to the search result and click the Colin Davis result, i come to his bio:

and scrolling down there’s a Tidal results page showing 131 albums, plus additional “appearances” and Various Artists:

incidentally, the album in question only shows up in this view, not the view with 38 results.

why the discrepancy? many of the results in the larger set are duplicate titles. some may be MQA, some are rereleases of the album (cover may be different). Does Roon, or Tidal, understand the concept of a canonical edition of an album?

There’s a fundamental difference between “search”, the job of which is to come up with a limited set of top results, and explicitly calling up an artist’s catalog. When you search for “Colin Davies” and click on the “TIDAL Albums / View All”, you are looking at search results. When you click on “Colin Davies” and get to his artist page, his catalog will be everything on TIDAL. @mike, have I covered everything here?

Hopefully one of these two will do you: