Tidal Collections


I am new to Roon. When looking at my Tidal part in Roon I can not see Tidal Collections. It does also not show any tidal albums when choosing Focus on Similar. Am I doing something wrong?

Tidal collections have been removed since version 1.6

Not wrong, it’s just that you have not added any Tidal albums to your Roon library yet.

When you browse in the Tidal section or say search for an album and Roon finds it in Tidal … you have the option to just play it “as is” or you can click the “add to libray” icon which will then make it easier to find next time.

Do check out the Roon Knowledge Base it’s a great place to aid one understanding of Roon.

Hope that helps.

Is that correct?
Tidal Collections is still mentioned in the Roon Knowledge Base

Hi @Trevor_Nathan,

It is correct and is described in the Roon 1.6 release notes, see below. However, I can see that the RKB still has some references to TIDAL Collections that require updating to align with this.

I’ll tag Roon @support to follow this up with the Knowledge Base Editors.