Tidal "content no longer available"

Hi Team ROON,

I was recently looking for an album I add to my Library via Tidal. It was missing and I couldn’t find it anywhere. Only after going back to my Tidal desktop app I see that Tidal has removed the album and a “page not found / content is no longer available” message appears when I click on the album. Tidal still keeps the album in my favorites but it just has no content.

Would the team consider adding a better way of notifying the user of content that has been removed. It’s much better than just “disappearing” an item that was add to the Library by the user.



Think this would be a good idea. As they can drop stuff at a drop of a hat so be nice to get some indication it’s no longer available

I’m having a similar problem, except that some of my favorited albums giving me that “content is no longer available” message are still in Tidal. I just have to search for them and re-add them.