Tidal Does not Appear in Roon Menu. Login not possible

I am aware of the service outage related to the Google Cloud Platform. Is this also causing Tidal not to show as an option in the Roon menu?

I still see TIDAL as an item in the menu, although if you click on it, you won’t see what’s new albums or tracks and many other options.

All related to the outage.

May have missed it but is there a known cause of the outage currently underway? ETA for restoration of full services?

It’s Google cloud. The latest from them is

Services in us-east1-d have been restored. Services in us-east1-c are still being restored. No ETA as of now.
We will provide an update by Monday, 2020-06-29 10:30 US/Pacific with current details.

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I can log in and play Tidal on my Tidal desktop player, but not in Roon.
When I try to log in in Roon, it takes me to web browser link to log in I get this error Error: Server Error

The server encountered a temporary error and could not complete your request.

Please try again in 30 seconds.

wait a bit… google services are coming back up… and then we have to get our clusters back up… the google cloud issue will be resolved then and we can properly figure this out.

I’ve got same issue. Error 502 every time I try to login Tidal. There is a separate thread about this but it’s closed now and I don’t want to create a new one. No problems with Qobuz.

Finally I logged in to Tidal after few attempts but there is still error loading page. I can play Tidal tracks from queue.

Many thanks for the background information.

I am 4 days into Roon…I was listening to some music on Tidal and it dropped out. As a result of rebooting my Roon it keeps stating that “Failed to reconnect. Please retry later” in reference to Tidal. Roon is back up.


Album identification isn’t working either - something to check when the Google service returns and Roon is up again.

at this moment the redirection was successful and roon could login to tidal. And i did not restart the PC. Only restartet roon 3 times later it worked. closing roon and start again…still works :slight_smile:
Tidal tunes are playing :slight_smile:

Tidal is working then not working - intermittent for myself.

Looks to be all working again for me.

Problem solved for me.