TIDAL down this evening?

Anyone else unable to access TIDAL?

No joy via Roon, their app (Macbook & iPhone), can’t even go past their log in screen on the website.

Just got problems in Roon also. Haven’t tried other avenues yet

Was streaming with Roon and then all of a sudden started getting errors - this track is not available from Tidal.

Nothing works now.

TIDAL not working for me either… Only thing I can do is Roon Live Radio

Sorry to hear that. I got Qobuz to keep me warm for now.

Let’s see how quick service is restored.

Strange, Tidal streaming (without Roon) is working. Roon “surface” is running, play with stored/ripped music, but there is no streaming of Tidal possible with Roon

Just started working through Roon. Proprietary apps and web login still down.

@EaglesMan give it a try now?

Same here. I tried to logout and then login again. But no way to login again to Tidal.

Exactly what I did and then realised something is wrong. At least Roon is streaming Tidal now.

Tidal was down for me suddenly but now it seems ok again… A blip in the space time continuum

Negative. I can’t even log into TIDAL from the app on my phone, so it seems to be a TIDAL thing?

I cannot log in, too. I’ll give a try again tomorrow…

The apps don’t work for me also. I can however stream through Roon now.

Probably Jay had a falling out with Jake and shut down his servers :slight_smile:

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Yes, TIDAL is down…

Yup, all tracks still unavailable. 10.15 GMT

Still down here.

It’s a confirmed AWS outage.


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Tidal is working for me now.