Tidal errors straight out of the box

I’m excited to use Roon, having watched John Darko reviews of the service. I have a Qobus account, my wife has Tidal, both hi-res subscriptions. I was hoping to simplify the playing of tracks from both sources; we’ve used BluOS to date. One of the key reasons for looking at Roon subscription was to enable our old B&O set-up to run using a Pi Roon end-point with a HAT. Unfortunately, this Tidal stream error seems to be a big deal on Roon. I am surprised how far back the support links go. At this moment, I’m on my first of 14 day free trial, but with the task of spending hours to figure out why Tidal will not play, I fail to see the justification of $118 per year when this long standing issues remains a daily problem for users. Has anyone figured out a working solution (yes, I’ve rebooted everything except out cats). Thanks, Pete.

Post in support .

In order for Roon’s @support team to better assist you, please provide a brief description of your current setup using this link as a guide.

Make sure to describe your network configuration/topology, including any networking hardware currently in use, so they can have a clear understanding of how your devices are communicating.

Thanks Ged, I appreciate the reply. I’ll give it a crack, but it looks like a loosing battle based on the volume of similar issues, despite the vast variations on people’s kit.

I really don’t think that is true. Remember this is a support site where the troubled come. The other 90k people just use it with no issues.
Up to you if course but it seems you have put effort in to reading things, not much more required to write a quick post.
In my experience the vast majority get fixed pretty quickly with network refuseniks being the main people who keep seeing problems.

That’s a fair point. Hopefully the Support team can resolve it. Roon certainly looks like a decent software solution.

HI, I am a new user, weighing up the offering on the 14 day trial.

My problem is trying to use Tidal content. I have set up Roon Core on a laptop (see below) and have added two services; Qobus and Tidal, both Hi-Res subscriptions. I have set up two users (my wife Jayne and I). If I log out of Jayne’s Tidal, all is well. When I log in to Jayne’s Tidal account, the discovery screen is rich with suggestions, but none of them will play (I can’t seem to get ANY Tidal content playing). The error message is “This is not currently available from TIDAL” and then sometimes followed by a “Too many failures. Stopping Playback” error message.

BlueSound; Node 2i feeding a B&O BeoSound 9000 through the AUX port (running Beosound 3500 speakers x2).+ Blusound Pulse Soundbar 2i (feeding 2x Flex 2i and a Bluesound Sub), all on WiFi. The Roon Core (1.7, build 571, 64 bit) is running on a Sony laptop (running Windows 10 home, ver 1909, 64 bit), intel i7 via. Using an iPad pro as Roon controller.

The router is a ‘Technicolour DGA2231’ and we generally achieve >40 Mb/s on a slow day, generally >65 Mb/s. We have a small home with good Wi Fi coverage throughout.

Hoping to resolve the issues so I can use a Pi HAT to more B&O equipment.

Your help would be appreciated.


Might be worth trying this

Technicolor Routers

We’ve seen that some technicolor routers cause Roon to have difficulties communicating to networked endpoints. This can be resolved by adding exceptions for Roon and RAATServer to the router’s IPv6 firewall settings

Great, I’ll have a look at that next, thanks Ged