Tidal favorite album sort order

How do I change this from album name sort to artist name sort?

If you’re talking about the TIDAL … Your Favourites screen, I don’t think you can.
You’d be better off going to Albums and using focusformatTidal. You can then happily sort by artists. You can also bookmark the result so you can easily go back to this display at any time.


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Thanks, Brian. Works perfect for albums. Do you have an idea how to achieve this on Tidal Tracks? I mean the Tidal Playlist which is automatically maintained by Tidal whenever you press “Favourite” or the heart symbol on a Tidal Track. I would like to have recently added tracks of that Tracks list to be at the top of the list. I can’t find such a sort column when I use Tracks -> Focus -> Format -> Tidal.


Me again…I found the sort column, by the list then contains all Tidal Tracks, not just the ones from the Tidal “Tracks” playlist.

Tap the heart symbol at the top of the page next to focus?

No, that only seems to be applicable for “hearts” I have given in Roon, but not Tidal “hearts”.

I will raise a support ticket.

Thanks for your help