Tidal favorites are different than Roon favorites..?

I must micromanage two different apps then? I see no way to favorite/unfavorite in Roon. It doesn’t affect tidal favorites. I have no clue how I am suppose to sort/organize my music when it’s like this.

Am I suppose to just give up “favorites” and use playlists only? Seems to be the only way.

You can only Favorite/Unfavorite albums and tracks in Roon that have been added to your library.

And yes, “Favorite” means different things in TIDAL and Roon.

A Favorite in Roon means this.

If you make a TIDAL album a “Favourite” (in the TIDAL app), this means that it will be automatically added to your Roon Library. If you subsequently delete the album from your Roon Library, it will be automatically removed from your list of TIDAL favorites; i.e. it will be “unfavorited”.