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I´ve noticed that compared to the Sonos Tidal integration, when searching for partial strings in Roon, you get no results. For example, searching for “Quee” does not find “Queen”. It needs to be the exact string. This would be a very essential edition to Roon - as sometimes you don´t know how to spell an artist/track name, or it can save quite some typing for longer artist/track names.


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Yeah, I was requesting this a well.

Was also asking for predictive search results below like Google does. So as you type, you see all the possible results.

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Right it seems that if string does not equal database string then no results. Tidal has this issue as well.

Also 12 vs twelve and other “intelligent search protocols” are a challenge that I think team Roon is working on.

On the Tidal website itself - it works perfectly. Searching for “Quee”, will give “Queen” as a result.

[quote=“evanw, post:4, topic:2635”]
(which I´m sure is using the same API as Roon),
[/quote]Bad assumption, sorry.

Thanks for clearing that up. Assumption corrected!

Yeah- hmm problem solved. I guess I was having some issues on my end :-1:

Hi. We did a lot of fixes to how we do search over the last couple of months and it’s doing a lot better now. It took some time for the indexes to update and we reset our whole popularity scheme which is the foundation for auto-completes. So now, by every search you are actually making the search function a tad better :smile:

And Roon is using the same API as we do ourselves so whoever assumed that was correct. But then they add a little Roon magic on their end the same way we do in our clients.

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