Tidal HiFi Plus vs Tidal Hifi

I’m thinking about dropping my Tidal subscription from HiFi Plus to Hifi. If I were to do this, would I any albums that I have in my library saved in the Hifi Plus settings (e.g. Hi Res Flac) disappear from my library (with associated tags) or would they remain but downgraded to the Hifi tier version?

I’m in the UK and Hifi Plus is now almost double Hifi.

(And I know Qoboz is probably cheaper but it doesn’t have the library that Tidal has for some of the types of music I’m into)


I switched a year or so ago and there was no loss from my library. Everything went smoothly.


Thanks - did your tags remain too?

I don’t use any tags for non owned media, but my Roon instance appeared to see them as the same albums and just served up different versions based on what I can see.


@Geoff_Coupe - I’ve just seen that you’ve closed my other thread on this. No problem but how can I get some support from the Roon team here please? It is a question about Roon functionality with respect to one of their chosen streaming providers. Thanks.

The Support team deal with issues and problems in Roon setups, not answering questions about Roon functionality. If the answers you seek are not given in the Roon Knowledge Base, then the place to ask the questions for the Community at large to offer answers are here in the Roon Software Discussion categories of the forum.

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Okay thanks. It appears that no one knows the answer to my question then re Roon, Tidal Subscription Levels and tagging then. Any tips on how to move this along please?

In case your tags are lost in the move, then I would first do an Export of all your Tidal albums to give you an Excel spreadsheet with the details. Then you could re-apply the tags to the replacement album versions. A manual process, but at least you would have a record of your tags.

Hi Geoff, that helpful. Thanks

@Stuart_Edwards1 I’m not in support, but I’m responsible for handling Roon’s metadata from TIDAL.

In theory, TIDAL has CD quality versions in the HiFi tier for all albums available in the HiFi Plus tier… with the same IDs. It is possible however that there are some albums with only >CD content.

In summary, I don’t foresee a big problem for you moving from HiFi Plus to HiFi, but taking a backup is never a bad thing.

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Hi Joel, that’s helpful. Thanks

I did this a few months ago. Your albums will still be there but Tidal will play a lower version if it is available. Otherwise, Tidal will play the higher version and even MQA still.

Hi Jim, thanks. That’s good to hear. It was mostly the tagging I was concerned about. I’ve backed up and exported so fingers crossed…

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I switched in late December. Zero trouble.

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Good to hear


Thanks - I’d seen that which partially prompted my question.

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My personal view is Tidal Hi-Fi is suffice as per John’s viewpoints :wink:

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Thanks all. My subscription has changed now and I seem to have all of my old tagging so all appears to be well.


I was playing some Brahms choral music from Qobuz, sitting in a room adjacent to my stereo. Next up Roon Radio played the Brahms D Minor Piano Concerto (a defensible choice, I guess), and I noticed the sound was very brash, hard, aggressive sounding. it’s an older DG recording w/ Gilels/Jochum. Checked signal path and it was Tidal HiFi in 24/96. Definitely a big, bold sound, but so is the concerto.

went to the versions tab and saw Qobuz had the same resolution available, so for fun I played that one…and they are not the same. the release info and catalog number are the same, but the sound is not. The Qobuz file is no less dynamic, but somehow less aggressive and harsh sounding. the Tidal file made me want to turn it down.

I have not done any sort of focused testing, but the difference reminds me of that between 16/44 files played from each service, so if it persists in higher resolution, and MQA truly does disappear completely, then I see no reason to keep Tidal any longer.

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