Tidal history played via roon not showing up in the Tidal app

I would love it if when I played music in roon streamed from TIDAL and then I went to the TIDAL app, it showed up in my history there. It doesn’t. Is this by design? Or am I missing a Settings?

I hope that makes sense……
Thanks in advance….

just giving this a bump in case someone has an answer out there…I won’t bump again :slight_smile:

You are correct that it does not show in Tidal history, it appears out of Roon;s control. They use the Tidal provided API.

What I am more curious about is if the track plays are getting counted within Tidal. I figure they have to be for Artist revenue, but I wonder if they are associated with my profile to factor into the AI building the Tidal Mix playlists and recommendations. I would hope so, but never have heard an answer.

Anyone have the answer to this? Curious about it as well.

I signed up for TIDAL and Roon at the same time and all my TIDAL plays go through Roon.

It does go into your history does in my case anyway. It isn’t show in recently played as that’s purely for the Tidal app. It will show in other areas such as.

It’s not always instant but it does feedback all the time, how Tidal decides to use it is up to them. But I don’t really use the app for playing only the rare test so I know I use it with Roon all the time and my history is constantly updated. Why it doesn’t for some is a mystery


Cool, thank you!