Tidal history played via roon not showing up in the Tidal app

I would love it if when I played music in roon streamed from TIDAL and then I went to the TIDAL app, it showed up in my history there. It doesn’t. Is this by design? Or am I missing a Settings?

I hope that makes sense……
Thanks in advance….

just giving this a bump in case someone has an answer out there…I won’t bump again :slight_smile:

You are correct that it does not show in Tidal history, it appears out of Roon;s control. They use the Tidal provided API.

What I am more curious about is if the track plays are getting counted within Tidal. I figure they have to be for Artist revenue, but I wonder if they are associated with my profile to factor into the AI building the Tidal Mix playlists and recommendations. I would hope so, but never have heard an answer.