Tidal Icon showing over screen



I just updated to Build 354 and noticed that on the versions screen the tidal icons appear on parts of the screen they should not, see image for details.

(Dylan Caudill) #3

Thanks for the report, @Kevin_Hughes!

I’ve passed your report along to the technical team so they can investigate further. I’ll be sure to keep you updated once they’ve provided their feedback.


(Dylan Caudill) #4

Hey @Kevin_Hughes,

I wanted to touch base with some good news, which is that our technical team has been able to reproduce this behavior and we’ve opened up a bug report with our developers.

While I can’t say for certain when this bug will be fixed, getting things reproduced in-house is a critical first step, and I will keep this thread up to date as the team passes along feedback and work begins to get this resolved. Thanks again for the report!


(Dylan Caudill) #5

Hi @Kevin_Hughes,

I wanted to reach out and let you know that this has been resolved in our latest update, Build 401. You can read more about the update here: